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Credit Card Required for Top Up

I plan to stick around

Hi there,


I am out of Canada for months and just wanted to call for top up 1 time, but found a new requirement that is to register credit card, moreover, it requires the address info of the credit card needs to be same to the pay-as-you-go users' registered address.


Because I was wrongly charged several times and saw posts/news similar happened on other users using auto-top-up or registered credit card, I prefer to use a card other than Canadian one, which is easier to communicate with the bank service and representative once I got wrongly charged again.


May I have your advice, is there any other way to top up 1 time by using credit card? (other than find friend to purchase vouchers in Canada).

Or if there is a way to purchase vouchers online? (then to call for top up by vouchers).






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Re: Credit Card Required for Top Up


Good evening @HowardL,


In order to make a one-time top-up with your credit card you'll first need to register the credit card to your Pay As You Go account. Check out the Activating and topping up your Pay As You Go account page for more info.


Hope this helps.





Re: Credit Card Required for Top Up

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Resident Expert

@RogersZia : The link you provided must be way out of date for pre-paid (PAYGo) because.


1. You can no longer do anything online officially. 

2. You cannot add a credit card online.  

3. You cannot make payments online. 

4. You cannot see your transaction history, unless you use the workaround discussed in the Missing Transaction History thread.

5. You cannot make phone calls in the US.

6. You no longer get a 10% bonus if you're on Auto-top up. That stopped years ago.


That link should be deleted from Rogers because it is very misleading. Some of the functionality exists if you use *611 from your cell phone or call 1 800 575-9090.



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