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Tips for Rogers Websites & Apps

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

People often have difficulty with Rogers Websites and Apps.  Here are some tips if you're encountering difficulties, especially with a browser.


1. Make sure that you have Javascript turned on in your browser settings, if applicable.

2. Make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker enabled.

3. Make sure you don't have any "extensions" like adblockers enabled.

4. Try a different browser (Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, along with latest version of your OS)

5. It's always good to have a "clean" browser as a fallback, so that you don't have anything blocking progress on certain websites that require some or all of the above.

6. Try using Incognito Mode in Chrome (Private Mode in Firefox or Safari) as this usually bypasses any problematic cookies or cache issues.

7. Try clearing cookies, cache and reboot your computer or device.

8. If you're using a VPN, or any other "non-standard configuration", disable it temporarily.

9. Log out of any other Rogers websites. For example, if you're logged into MyRogers, sometimes you can't login to this forum, or vice versa. Sometimes there are simply issues if logged into more than one Rogers website.  This can apply to the IgniteTV website as well.  Treat the various Rogers websites as if they were with a different company. 

10. Quit and restart your browser.

11. Make sure the time on your computer is correct.  If not, certain websites may not work.  Set your computer to automatically get the accurate time when you start it.  Most computers have this option.

12. If using a mobile browser on your device, like a phone or a tablet, switch it to "Desktop Mode/Version".  Familiarize yourself with how to do this with your particular device/browser as this can help with numerous websites.


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