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coda-4582u - what is next?

I plan to stick around

I have been running with the CODA-8245U and it has been rock solid.  It is now two and a half year old.  In the beginning, we had some small issues but thanks to Dave the unit improved and worked like a rockstar.


I am just thinking here, my modem is actually keeping my office nice and warm, what the next modem will look like?

Has there been any news?  I really have lost touch with the community and I want to catch up.


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Re: coda-4582u - what is next?


Good day @aelaan,


Thank you for your post! It's heartwarming to see you satisfied with your Rogers Internet equipment and wanting to catch up with the Community!


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to @RogersDave, and a lot of us miss the work he did as part of the Rogers Community.


At this time, there has been no announcement made for a newer AC modem with the fastest WiFi technology. Therefore, I would not be able to confirm what is going to be launched after the notorious CODA.


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