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Windows 10 Mail app Setup

I'm here a lot

I got a new PC and can't figure out how to set up my own domain email with Windows 10 Mail.  My name (at) domain personal email is already set up as a send-only email through my rogers email account at yahoo mail and works fine for sending and receiving on my old PC but I can't find any instructions as to how to set up similar functionality under Windows 10.  Can someone please assist?  I've searched on the forums and everything seems very vague and a few years old.  Thank you!


Windows 10 Mail is otherwise working fine with my (at) rogers email.


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Re: Windows 10 Mail app Setup


Hello, @Buckoo.


Congratulations on your new PC! Hope you are liking Windows 10. Happy to assist in setting up your email accounts on Windows 10 Mail app. 


If I correctly understood, your email account is already setup on your new PC, and you are looking to set up your email account. 


The confusion part in your post is 'send-only' email through Rogers email account. We need more clarification, please. 


Does your email account support IMAP or POP3? And do you have the Incoming/Outgoing mail server address and port numbers?


We look forward to hearing from you!



Re: Windows 10 Mail app Setup

hello Buckoo.

If I understand Correctly, You are NOT trying to setup your Rogers Yahoo email account with windows 10 mail, but rather your own personal domain ( name with Windows 10 mail correct?

if this is correct, then this is not a Rogers technical issue, it is rather an issue with your own mail server host.

Buckoo, like yourself I also own my own personal domain name, when I use it in Windows 7 and 10 machines, I am NOT using the mail server settings for Rogers (my current ISP) nor Bell Sympatico (my previous ISP) I use the server settings provided my by email and web hosting provider, which happens to be Google G-Suite. Yours might be a different company.

so please lettuce know which email you are trying to setup and which host or provider
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