Farewell to RogersDave

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Farewell to RogersDave

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Hey Community,


It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that our beloved @RogersDave will be parting with us. As many of you are aware, @RogersDave has played an important role in our Community Forums. Aside from his daily duties as a Network Architect here at Rogers, @RogersDave also took the time to frequent the Community and aid our users with internet inquiries. He has also been a crucial part of the Rogers Rocket Wi-Fi Modem Firmware Trial, Rogers Online Gaming Thread and also the CODA Modem Beta trial.


Here are a few words from @RogersDave himself:


“After 15 years at Rogers, I made the difficult decision to move into a new role at Hitron. I will continue to support Rogers indirectly but will also work with other cable operators in North America. Although I will not be able to spend as much time and may not engage on the forums the way I used to, I will surely keep an eye on reported issues to assist where I can.


18 months ago, I pitched an idea at Rogers where the Network and Product Development organizations would engage directly with end-user to understand their grievance and improve their Internet service. This lead to the creation of the Firmware Trial Program.


Over this period, I had the chance to work with some of you to dramatically improve the quality of the software in modems. There is still work to do but we are in a much better position now that we were back then and this collaboration has benefited all of us. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with all of you and hope that my presence has been beneficial.”


Please join us in thanking @RogersDave for all the help he has provided to the Community Forums and wishing him all the best at Hitron. You will be missed!



Resident Expert

Dave will be sorely missed in the forum.  Congrats on the move.  Hitron is gaining a very dedicated engineer who's done a lot for this community and who will definitely be missed. 


@RogersDave, Thank you for all your excellent support in the Community and I'm glad your support will continue indirectly. All the best for your new role at Hitron. 

Community Manager (Retired)

Thank you so much for all you've done!


I know the entire Community will miss you.




Thank you @RogersDave for all your help and support Robot Happy! We will miss you!

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Farewell Rogers Dave. Thank you for everything you have done for the community and customers! 🙂

I'm a Senior Contributor

Farewell @RogersDave , Thank for all the hard work and I want to congratulate you on your  new role. You have no idea how much you will be missed here.


I really hope the person that will replace him will try to communicate with us in the forum, this idea was such an amazing one.



I'm an Advisor

Thanks for all the hard work and time that you put into helping us @RogersDave

Being able to directly talk with a Network Engineer at Rogers was an amazing experience, and your contributions benefited us all!


Thanks again



I Plan to Stick Around

@RogersDaveThank you for all your support and best of luck in your new role. 

I'm a Reliable Contributor
@RogersDave You've done a great deal for us in the Rogers community. You will be greatly missed and wish you the best on your new role at Hitron.
I'm a Reliable Contributor

@RogersDave I can't thank you enough for volunteering your time to spend on the forums in order to help improve the service of many of us on the forums. You have made a huge difference in the community and I wish you all the best on your new role at Hitron.


It's been a pleasure cooperating with you to improve the modem's software quality, 


RyzenFX Smiley Happy

Network Architect

Hello everyone, as we wish RogersDave farewell we're going to try and keep up with the support he offered our community.  To help with the transition Im plugging myself into the community.  Always happy to help if you have any pressing technical issues.



I'm a Senior Advisor

@RogersBob  It is great that you are plugging in to aid in the transition from the work by RogersDave over the last year or so.


This model has been highly beneficial for allowing the customer to be well informed and aware of where the current network structure was going and provided for very quick response to both beta users and regular users to evaluate the best configurations for their needs, and providing insights and changes to improve the implementation of the Hitron devices and underlying network structure.


I hope that this can become a permanent involvement after your transitional period and that Rogers can also consider moving a similiar model of involving engineers in the other major areas of service such as universal compatibility of wireless access to areas and devices, and in the area of TV services.


It is a model that allows to feel well listened to and give us insights into the nuts and bolts of getting high quality service to us as customers.


Thanks for joining.



Rogers Employee



Dave, good luck! You did a lot for me, as well as for this community *customers*.


I'm a Senior Contributor

Welcome @RogersBob


The community will be very happy that you're stepping in to replace our legendary @RogersDave.


I am confident you will do very well, and can't wait to Beta test and help you improve the Rogers network!

I'm a Reliable Contributor



Welcome on board! I'm glad you are taking the place of @RogersDave to help the community. It's a great pleasure to have you here Smiley Happy

I Plan to Stick Around


My very best wishes to you and thank you for your expertise provide.

I Plan to Stick Around

@RogersDaveWishing you great success on your job! Sad you're leaving, but understanding life is about change and you are on to the next step in your career. Hitron is lucky to have you. Your involvement in this community raised the quality of support from Rogers. Well done!


@RogersBobWelcome to the community.