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Yahoo! Spam folder

I've been around

Nothing going into my Yahoo Spam folder


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Re: Yahoo! Spam folder


Hello @Dgoose!


Thanks for joining us in the community and for sharing your email issue! I understand that your spam emails have stopped filtering into your spam folder. 😞


By any chance, have you recently made any changes to your spam filter or email settings that may have triggered this? When did this issue first begin?


You may want to review your filter settings to ensure there isn't one rule that is conflicting with another rule.


I'll also tag in our Resident Expert @57 to see if they have any recommendations to offer! If anyone else has or is experiencing a similar issue, feel free to chime in! 🙂


Thank you,



Re: Yahoo! Spam folder

Some additional information sure would be useful. I'm assuming this is on Webmail - Rogers/Yahoo e-mail using a browser.


1. Are you saying that you see no e-mails ending up in the spam folder?  I only get a few spam e-mails per month and that's with 5 e-mail addresses. They usually end up in the spam folder.

2. Are you seeing lots of e-mail spam in your inbox?

3. Have you marked any incoming e-mail that is spam entering your inbox as spam?

4. Have you created any filters to move spam from your inbox to the spam folder using specific terms like the sender's address, or title, or keywords in the text, etc?

5. Have you set up a specific e-mail address to use when browsing or shopping online so that any spam ends up there rather than your personal e-mail address?

6. When you see spam in your inbox do you forward those e-mails to 

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