XB7 Port Forwarding

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XB7 Port Forwarding


I recently upgrade to ignite services.  With this upgrade my modem was change from a Hitron to and XB7.  In the settings of the Hitron I was able to forward public ports to private ports and I configured my network using these options.  Since the change I have been unable to get some functionalities working as I cannot locate the place where I can set these settings.  Does anyone know were I can make these adjustments in the XB7?


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Re: XB7 Port Forwarding

I will say instructions from using the app.. should be similar from the web interface.

On the front page, click on the name of your wifi.
Then at the top, click See network.
Then down near the bottom, click on Advanced Settings.

In there, you will find the Port Forwarding.

Now there are a few caveats here.. 
Its not as granular as I would like..
You can not choose the destination IP.  You have to choose the device.  So you need to find it off the list of connected devices.
You can choose the incoming ports (or port range), and if TCP/UDP, either or both.

Unfortunately it does not support choosing a dynamic internal port.
So you cant have external say port 999 go to 333 inside.
It will just forward 999 to 999 on the device you have selected.