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XB7 Bridge Hidden WiFi

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Has anyone noticed that their XB7 whole in bridge mode still outputs a hidden Wifi network. Have tried to disable the wifi but a hidden network will continue to show.




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Re: XB7 Bridge Hidden WiFi

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Yes same with the XB6, hidden wifi. Nothing can be done

Re: XB7 Bridge Hidden WiFi

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It’s not a big deal in my opinion. I haven’t experienced any negative impact due to the hidden wifi networks. Everything has been running beautifully for me with the Ignite gateway (XB6 in my case) bridged.

Re: XB7 Bridge Hidden WiFi

I'm a Reliable Contributor

No technically it does not cause an issue. Not unless your in a heavy congested neighborhood of WiFi already. It's no different then the tons of people out there with the WiFi turned on their printers for direct print. They'll never use it but its there to access and add to the mix of WiFi.


I just assumed and maybe my mistake, but why give an option to turn off WiFi if the device still outputs WiFi....  

Re: XB7 Bridge Hidden WiFi

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@CommunityHelps  Uh-oh!  Apparently, some Rogers (and Comcast) customers, who are REALLY bothered by these hidden networks being active, have resorted to permanently disabling Wi-Fi by opening their Ignite gateways and disconnecting the internal antennas.  (I deleted the links to those posts but more and more people are discussing this option on mainstream forums.)


I do not know what to say.  It is ridiculous that customers are doing such things.  It is also ridiculous that customers should ever even need to resort to such extreme options to achieve that end goal.

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