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Wifi pods - not connecting after new modem installed

I plan to stick around

My Rogers ignite internet was spotty, dropping wifi on a regular basis.

Got a new modem today, 2nd gen I think the Tech said. He also said that the 1st gen wifi pods would work with this modem, just unplug them plug back in and you are good to go.  What's wrong?


They are unable to connect, and even if I removed them, start from scratch, still unable to connect.

Contacted tech support... their solution - send the 1st gen pods back, and when we get them, we will send you 2nd gen pods... so I have to wait a week or longer to get wifi that works across my house?  This is horrible service all around, and frustrated with lack of solutions.  A week is unacceptable, as I work from home.  

Why doesnt the technician who replaces the modem, replace the pods and upgrade them to 2nd gen at the same time?


Does anyone have a solution to help my pods connect?  I know how to follow instructions and placement etc, so dont try to provide me with troubleshooting that is online or in the app...  anyone?



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Re: Wifi pods - not connecting after new modem installed


Hello, @cncp


I can understand how frustrating it is to get poor Wi-Fi coverage in your home. I am confident that the Gen 2 Pods will help improve the coverage.


Until the new pods arrive would it be possible to relocate the modem to a central location in your home? This should improve the Wi-Fi coverage until the Pods arrive.


I hope this helps!



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