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Rogers failing to address my constant downtime.

I've been here awhile

For the last week I've been dealing with Rogers and I'm really tired.


An issue that we identified Monday was a ridiculously too high signal at Distribution (30+, maximum should be 😎 that was causing latency spikes and no connection, despite a white light on my modem. So far their solutions have been "We'll tell Distro to fix that", another Roger's crew came by, said to ignore what the first one said, it's definitely a damaged line and a broken modem. Come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I'm on line with support and one after another they fail to actually answer any questions or fix my issue. Yesterday, they replaced my modem with a brand new one, on a clean, unbroken line to access. No splitters- drilled straight through my wall and runs to the roadside distro.


I'm sitting with latency that can ping as high as 3046ms on response time just to ping a byte of data back and forth. I can't do any of my online work; I can't stream; I can't play games. I functionally do not have internet. On Saturday morning I spoke to an engineer who seemed to be completely and 100% competent, and he responded to every question, had all the information, seemed fully capable of fixing things.


Things are still broken. I'm at my wits end and I'm just about ready to cancel my service entirely. Please, anyone who has any idea why I'm getting completely random latency spikes that will drive me entirely offline and give me zero connection or access, help?


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Re: Rogers failing to address my constant downtime.

I've been here awhile

image.pngThis is "Fixed". I thought we had resolved it yesterday, but once 3:30 PM struck, now my modem is dropping signal and interrupting me again. I captured a fun latency value on this one. ^^ (Normal Latency should be below 80 for a test like this.)

Re: Rogers failing to address my constant downtime.

Good evening and welcome to the Community @Nikose,


We need a couple more tests to get this investigated. Please provide us with a Ping Test and a Traceroute so we can try to determine where the latency is occurring. You can find the specific steps here.


Please post your results here for review.






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