Rogers Ignite SLOW with Google Mesh

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Rogers Ignite SLOW with Google Mesh

I recently upgraded to Rogers Ignite 500u, still using a 3 point Google Wifi mesh system I had been using with my previous Rogers modem. Since switching modems, our internet has become unreliable and slow. I’m sure there are some configuration issues as a laptop connected directly to the modem via Ethernet cable was able to reach record-high download speeds.

I recently tried turning my modem on bridge mode but the Google Wifi would not connect that way.

Any recommendations? I’ve read that there can be issues with the mesh choosing less optimal points at times if the settings aren’t setup right?



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Re: Rogers Ignite SLOW with Google Mesh

Greetings @ottawaguy87!


This definitely sounds like an issue that's isolated to your Google Mesh since connecting via Ethernet gives you full speeds.


Which Google Mesh model are you using? The newer models definitely have better performance results than the older ones. Have you tried removing the mesh entirely and using our WiFi directly to see what kinds of speeds you get without a mesh network active?