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Remove Charges

I've been here awhile

I cancelled my account and returned my equipment, but rogers still charged me for the next month. I keep trying to phone in an cancel, but my transfers get disconnected or last over 2.5 hours. I have spent over 11 hours over 3 phone calls, but have not reached an agent who can simply close my account...


Is there a way to email Rogers to please cancel my account and remove the charges? I cannot keep calling and waiting 2.5+ hours for no solution.


Please help



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Re: Remove Charges

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Rogers doesn't converse with customers through e-mails. What you can do is PM the mods on this forum.  I have found them very helpful:


When logged into the forum, click on @CommunityHelps  .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.  There may be some back and forth required while Rogers get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.  

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