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Old Infrastructure

I've Been Here Awhile

I live in an old neighborhood with cable connections that were installed like in the eighties. Roger's continue to use these old cablings to connect to Roger's Ignite TV. Whenever there is rain, the internet constantly gets disconnected. I complained about it, and a technician came around to check it out. The person said the cables are old and need to be replaced, and said the work to install new cable should happen within a month, so I was asked not to call again. It's been about a year. And the connection constantly disconnects, more so during the rain. It is Spring, and this connection sucks. I rely on it for work and leisure. It is very expensive to subscribe to Roger's Ignite TV. But their services are very poor. This is agonizing.


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Re: Old Infrastructure

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

If its the STREET lines, there is not a lot that a regular tech can do, thats something the larger maintenance team would have to deal with.  (though those lines are usually more robust to start with)
The lines into the house, are a different story.  They can put up temp lines with the request for a new burial to be done, if all underground.  (if its on a pole, I believe they can do that fully).


Truthfully?  While I know its a pain.  EVERY time there is an issue, there is likely a signal drop, etc... call in.
Every day if necessary.  Have them set up an appointment to send someone out.   Even if happens while waiting for the tech, call in again and report it.   Tech out doesnt change anything, happens again, call again.

We had a wider street issue, and with continual calling from about 4 of us, and sending techs out 4-5 times, not worth their cost in the long run and better to just actually FIX the issue.  (was a street issue, as well as they replaced out from the street box to the house line).  Connection is now rock solid and great signal

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