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Node congestion during peak hours?

I've been around

I recently switched over to Rogers Ignite 1.5gb down and have been noticing a higher ping and inconsistent connection, especially during peak hours. I'm wondering if this is node congestion or if something could be wrong with the line(s). Are there any tests I can run to determine the cause of these issues?


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Re: Node congestion during peak hours?


Hello, @concernedcustom.


Congratulations on migrating to the Ignite Platform, and welcome to our Community!


Switching to Ignite alone should not result in higher pings; we can help find a solution for you. Where do you notice the high pings? Like, in a game?


When you detect high pings, please run the ping and traceroute tests outlined in our knowledge base article


We look forward to hearing from you!





Re: Node congestion during peak hours?

The past few weeks i've been hit with horrible internet speeds during peak hours. Investigating further lead to me the conclusion of suspected node congestion. Had Rogers engineering team look into it and they said "they didn't find any problems", fine. Then tech support saw this after I brought it up again and sent a tech over. Tech did their job in confirming that indeed there is suspected node congestion in my area and also changed my cables as well as the modem. I didn't think this would fix the issue and I was right. Anyway, is there anything else that can be done? Because I can't keep living with these speeds (they are abysmal). I would like to escalate this issue if possible.


I have the 500u plan. Outside peak hours i'm getting great speeds (usually around 700Mbps down and 40Mbps up). During peak hours im getting around 30Mbps down and less than 1Mbps up.

Re: Suspected Node Congestion

Hi @princeyyyy


We're sorry to hear about the speed issues you've been plagued with during peak hours. 😥 Have you found a resolution to this issue since you last posted?


If not, please send a private message to @CommunityHelps and we'd be more than happy to assist further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.





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