More Ethernet Ports needed

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More Ethernet Ports needed

Newbie hardware question, so be gentle :).  One is going to my PS4 (yes, I know I can enable wifi on it) and one is going to my office where I have a desktop computer.  I'm in the process of adding some home automation and need to add a hub, which needs to be connected to my modem, for some of my devices .  Now, that means that I need 3 Ethernet ports (minimum), but with the Rogers Ignite modem it only has 2.  I saw some Ethernet extenders on Amazon, would they do the trick or should I get something a bit more robust (I have no clue what that would be)





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Re: More Ethernet Ports needed

Just purchase an Ethernet "switch" to add more Ethernet ports. Go to a place like Best Buy, Canada Computers, Staples. etc.

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Re: More Ethernet Ports needed


Just what the doctor ordered.

I myself have a 24 port gigabit switch.

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Re: More Ethernet Ports needed

Hello everyone,

Am I able to connect a NAS to these ports?
Am i able to control/access the nas wirelessly through the the Rogers hub? It is a wired NAS. Do I need to configure the gateway in any specific way?

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Re: More Ethernet Ports needed

Hello Community!


Is there anyone out there with working experience of a NAS that would be able to help @abheha out?