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Modem sent via UPS won't ship to apartment.

I've been here awhile

Recently purchased Rogers internet. I opted to install myself and they sent me a modem via UPS. I got an email the next day from UPS that the address of the recipient (me) was wrong. It was not. I called to clarify the address. Today the same thing happened.

I joined Rogers online chat to request picking up a modem in person from the nearest store. After going through 3 different departments I was told to call UPS. I've already done that.

It was also brought to my attention that an installation was scheduled for "wires" without notifying me. I requested to change the time of the wire installation since it was scheduled while I'd be at work.

Now I am wondering why they would even give me the option to install myself if a Rogers technician HAS to come to my apartment anyway?? If I had known that I would have requested the installation.

Now apparently a technician is coming for the wiring but my modem is missing in action in a UPS truck somewhere. I had to leave work early to make it home in time for the wire installation and I haven't heard anything from the technician yet.

Really regretting my decision to go with Rogers right now. Might have to cancel.


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Re: Modem sent via UPS won't ship to apartment.

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Resident Expert

How do you receive other items shipped via a courier at your apartment building?  Is there a concierge there that could sign for shipments?  If there is no prescribed method to handle couriered items at your apartment, perhaps you should bring that up with your owners?  I doubt a courier would simply leave a package near the entrance like they would at a house...

Re: Modem sent via UPS won't ship to apartment.

I've been here awhile
My unit is entered through a courtyard and is street level. There is no buzzer. You literally just walk up to the door which is outside. Amazon leaves packages this way and I have recieved packages from Purolator. This drivers just seems to not want to walk into the courtyard.
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