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Internet network

I've been around

I’ve been with rogers for over 20 years, and as of recently I’ve been having the worst experience with rogers. Why am I spending over 100 dollars a month for internet service that barley works. Whenever the service is down you guys never have the common courtesy to notify your customers when their internet service isn’t working. If I don’t call and complain I don’t hear anything from rogers 


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Re: Internet network

I've been around

I can’t begin to tell you that having your internet down for 24 hrs is painful, not to mention CSR flat out tell you info that is wrong. Most reliable internet is a joke.

Re: Internet network

Good day @Stephaneyj & @7of9,


Thank you for your posts to the Rogers community. We surely imagine how frustrating it can be to deal with technical issues in your area. Have your services been restored since you posted here?


Don't forget that you can always check the network status by going to, and for any major service interruptions, we make sure to post it on our Rogers Service Interruptions board.


If the issue persists or if you need further assistance, please elaborate on the nature of the problems you're experiencing and the troubleshooting steps you've performed since noticing issues. We'd like to help; thanks!



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