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IP now registered to US Government. Why?

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Um, my internet stopped working tonight.

So, I did the classic modem reboot. But now my modem has a new IP address for the first time in, I think, ever? I know technically Rog doesn’t provide static IPs, but realistically they rarely change.

But here’s the part that concerns me. When I look up my IP, on any IP lookup site, it tells me the ISP is GRS-DOD and ASN 8003 in Kansas. This is the shell company the United States Department of Defence is using to open their wide range of IPv4 addresses which began on January 20, 2021 and is now widely available common knowledge in the industry, and even regular news outlets have reported on it (I believe the Washington Post quoted the US DoD as saying they were “opening up” these IPs for use... whatever that means as it doesn’t explicitly mention the sale of any IP addresses). Until last night, my IP details said Rogers Communications and had my hometown with accurate approximate location data until the IP changed. Websites also think I’m in the United States and streaming services tell me I need to be in Canada to watch, which of course I am.

I’m just confused as to why Rogers is using one and my modem is assigned an IP owned by a foreign government instead of themselves.

Note: No, I’m not connected via a VPN or anything. The IP comes directly from my modem settings page at on the Rogers Network status page where it displays these details along with channel bonding status, etc. I looked it up because it immediately stood out to me as it is usually 99.xx etc but is now

I am suddenly extraordinarily uncomfortable with where my internet traffic is being routed and would like to know why I have been assigned this IP. If Rogers has purchased IP addresses from the US DoD between Jan 20 and now, confirmation of that fact would be helpful, as then there is at least a plausible explanation that the information about the IP ownership is still outdated and hasn’t been updated yet.


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Re: IP now registered to US Government. Why?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

This came up.. I am thinking maybe 3-4 years ago.

My finding at that time (based on the IPs provided by the users at that time)
Those IP addresses, while registered to the DoD, they are NOT externally accessible IP address ranges.  No one can access them externally.
At that time the users and myself did some traceroutes, tracing the hops as to how/where the information went (and where those IPs were registered to.   We even put them through a visual map which showed on a map where they went... and you saw 3-4 hops in ontario, then a line down to the DoD in the states, then back up to Ontario.  The only way that this would happen is if there was a direct line from rogers to the DoD, with no other hops through no other providers, etc along the way.  (which I can tell you, would not be the case.  my work has a 'private' MPLS connection across to our US sister company.  It has 3-4 hops with bell, then a few through level 3 (they are where it crosses the border) and then a bunch through windstream in the US).

So I think those IPs are just being used.. temporarily?
I seem to remember on the old post, that after a while they reverted to the 99.x addresses.

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