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How to Access Ignite Modem Console when Services are Down and in Bridge Mode

I plan to stick around

I am wondering if anyone has a "cheet sheet" on how to directly access your Ignite modem through a direct connect of an Ethernet Cable when the modem is in Bridge mode?

When everything is working properly, I am able to access the Modem console since my  connected devcies have the necessary routing path to get to  (the IP address of the console web server).  But when the modem is unable to connect to Rogers, the DNS server is not longer available so my router is unable to route the https request from my workstation to  

So the solution would "seem" to be to connect an ethernet cable from my workstation to a port on the modem and then manually configure the ethernet adapter with a address and a subnet mask of  Not sure of the router or DNS server if they are necessary.    When I tried that I still was not able to access the modem console.  My hope was to see that the modem did not have an IP address so this would proove that it was upstream issue and not local to my network.  

Any insight would be appreciated so I am ready for the next time the Rogers core network goes down....Early Vegas betting as the odds between 12 and 16 months....;-)


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Re: How to Access Ignite Modem Console when Services are Down and in Bridge Mode


Hello, @user1966


Thank you for posting your concern to the community.


If the modem is offline and in bridge mode you may have difficulty accessing the admin console unless you directly connect to the modem via WiFi or Ethernet. There may not be a work around in the event of a service interruption that would allow you to access the modem admin console without directly connecting to it.


I hope this helps!



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