Devices connecting to pods

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Devices connecting to pods

Thank you, very much. That's what I thought, made no sense to have to have your phone on bluetooth all the time.

Have a great day and stay safe

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Devices connecting to pods

Home wireless devices unable to connect to multiple pods. For two days, I have multiple wireless devices unable to connect to the Wi-Fi in my home. My pods show connected to the gateway but no wireless devices connected to the pods. I move my devices to the gateway and they connect, as soon as I move them to different rooms, they loose connections. I've disconnected my pods twice from my gateway but all my devices can only connect to the gateway. If out of range and moved closer to the gateway I have authentication errors and need to stand a meter away from the gateway to connect. Contacted Rogers technical support and we had app issues, contacted them a second time and it sounds like issue with the pods and IT team is working it. Anything else I should try?

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Re: Devices connecting to pods

Hey @Wireless_Gadget!


Welcome to the community!


That's certainly an interesting conundrum. Though I've not come across this issue personally the issue itself may have some work arounds. Can you confirm the following for us?


  1. Have you tried resetting/changing your WiFi password?
  2. Have you tried the "forget this network" option on your devices?
  3. Have you attempted to restore your modem and set up the mesh pods as net-new?

Keep us posted!


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Devices connecting to pods

Yes to all questions.


Update- at about 9 pm EST April 2nd (yesterday), service seemed to be restored.


Not sure if a software patch was installed or by manually repositioning some of my pods in the home helped.


Read in some posts that the pods should be strategically located in my home away from microwave oven, duct work and should have an invisible line of sight. The pods should be placed between the gateway and areas with weak or no coverage to help extend coverage.


I now have access to the Ignite app and can once more see my devices connected with the pods and no longer only connecting to the gateway. 


There was a time I was seeing the pods were collected to the gateway but wouldn't allow for my wireless devices to connect to them forcing all my devices to connect with my gateway and causing a bottle neck effect.


Just didn't know how to let Rogers know about it. So I called into support but the waiting was +40 minutes, hopped on to the chat at and was chatting with an agent fairly quickly. First chat we both didn't have access to the Ignite app and thought it was app issue. Then right after chatting, I gained access to the Ignite app and was able to confirm the pods reconnected after re-installing the app and the pods to the gateway that the pods were not allowing my devices to connect to Wi-Fi.


Jumped on chatting with Rogers but they said their IT team had discovered an issue with my pods and were working on a solution.


What ever was done afterwards either by the IT team or me repositioning some of my pods around the home, they started working and allowed my devices to connect to Wi-Fi. Yay happy home = happy me (home IT for the whole family)!


Thanks again for the follow-up!

I've Been Around
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Re: Devices connecting to pods

I too have been having some issues with PODS that I installed in the home.  My Ignite TV receivers, printers (around home), and ChromeCast (around home) were not connecting to PODS that were closer then Gateway or other PODS that were closer. In short it was a complete mess and signals to all devices varied.


Solution: With the help of Rogers technical support we verified that devices were not connecting to the proper PODS or Gateway based on location. First order of business was labelling all devices with a name (TV receivers, PODS) from Rogers. Ensured the placement of the PODS were in areas 25+ feet away from gateway. Rogers tech rebooted all TV receivers. All receivers came back up matched to the closest POD. We then rebooted all printers, and Chromecasts and they too came back online matching up against the closest POD.


Since we did this, I have had no issues with WIFI on all devices. Signal strengths are above average throughout the entire home. No more issues with voice commands on TV's with Rogers where they were horrible before. And no more buffering when changing channels. 


Ultimately, devices such as cellphones and laptops change to PODS you are closest to. Hard wired WIFI devices do not like TV receivers (of any kind). So when first installing your PODS make sure to physically reboot these type of devices. For ease, you can use the mobile Ignite WIFI app to ensure when the devices come back online that they connect to the proper PODS or Gateway.


Give it a shot folks. It worked for me perfectly. Hope this helps.