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I've Been Around

Is anyone else experiencing random delays and interruptions in their connectivity for home TV and Internet?



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Re: Connectivity/Interruptions

I've Been Around

I don’t see any solution to internet/wifi disconnecting? What is the problem and how is rogers going to rectify the problem. We have to pay for other channels and then can’t watch them due to this issue.

Re: Connectivity/Interruptions


Good day @RichUlett & @Gucci1,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you both for posting about the issues you're experiencing.

We appreciate your feedback and I understand how inconvenient service interruptions can be. We're definitely working hard to provide our customers with a reliable service.


If you continue to experience service issues, please let us know the area you're located in, the details of your package and equipment, as well as the troubleshooting steps you've performed so far so we can assist you further. The more details you can share the better help we can provide.


Thanks in advance!



Re: Connectivity/Interruptions

Hey Rogers… I must say that your outages are becoming a real pain in the you know what…!! I find it very disturbing that trying to find answers to what caused the ‘local’ ?…outage…how long we are expected to tolerate another complete disruption to our daily work routines….and the lack of prompt community communication from Rogers while experiencing the outage is appalling. After your previous major outage earlier this year… I bucked the trend to move to your competitors and gave you another chance. This one looks like it’s a deal breaker for me. Guess the competition will be receiving phone calls from me as I look  for a more nation wide reliable service provider. Stop worrying about the GD profits and take over of Shaw….just fix your infrastructure so as to avoid this type of inconvenience to ‘us’ the little guy that’s forced to pay your extortionist pricing for a service that obviously isn’t up to the demands of 2022. Shame on you…

Re: Connectivity/Interruptions

I've Been Around
Couldn’t agree more. Stuck it out but now regret doing so. The disruptions are so frequent it is ridiculous. Now no service at all the entire Saturday evening. Hiurs if nothing and no indication as to when it will be resolved. Long time customer and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Re: Connectivity/Interruptions

I Plan to Stick Around

People need to distinguish between WiFi and internet connectivity issues. WiFi could just be a router problem, losing your connection to to Rogers' infrastructure outside your house could indicate a wider, neighbourhood issue.


I started having random internet disconnections again over a month ago.

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