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Configuring IPv6 on Orbi Mesh

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I just upgraded my Netgear R7000 to the Orbi AC3000 ts week. My old router was running a Merlin variant that makes it an ASUS router. The ipv6 configuration is seamless. Now that I have the Orbi, I could not configure the ipv6 properly.  Does anyone know what the Orbi settings are to make this work? 


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Re: Configuring IPv6 on Orbi Mesh

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@jseller  Which Rogers modem do you currently have?  Is your modem in "bridge mode" or "gateway mode"?


FYI, the Rogers Network Team published tips on how to configure IPv6 on various routers/firewalls from different vendors:

For those configurations, your Rogers modem would need to be in "bridge mode".


If you plan to leave your Rogers modem is in "gateway mode", you will be better off putting your Orbi mesh into bridge/AP mode.

Re: Configuring IPv6 on Orbi Mesh

I Plan to Stick Around

My mistake. The Rogers modem is in bridge mode. I have the CODA modem.


Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

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