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Compatible wifi Ignite mesh pod?

I plan to stick around

Paying $5/month rental fee for Ignite Wifi mesh pod extenders.  I asked Rogers if I could just purchase the pods instead of paying a monthly fee for each and they said they only offer them as rentals.


Is there a recommended, compatible, trouble-free, and inexpensive wifi pod that I could purchase from Amazon or CanadaComputers that would work instead?


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Re: Compatible wifi Ignite mesh pod?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

There are other Wi-Fi solutions that you could install but they are not functional equivalents to the Ignite Wi-Fi Pod.


Comcast sells Gen 2. xFi Pods for US$120, so the C$5 rental is not out of line, and if you are an Ignite TV customer, the Ignite Gateway + Pods is the only solution that Rogers will officially support.  Another advantage to the Ignite Pods is that they support seamless roaming; you can be using FaceTime on your iPhone, walk around your house, and you will get a hand-off between the gateway and pod without your connection dropping.  You can't do that unless you install a Wi-Fi mesh solution, and the good ones are pricey.


How much are you looking to spend to extend your Wi-Fi?  Are you prepared to forego Wi-Fi performance and seamless roaming?  There are inexpensive options that you could purchase, just not very good ones.

Re: Compatible wifi Ignite mesh pod?

I plan to stick around

Ok, was hoping I could just buy another Wifi Mesh Pod online for ~$80-$100 and avoid the monthly fee that can add up over multiple years.  From your response, doing so has distinct disadvantages and might also be I guess I'll just stick with the monthly rental.  Thanks for your insight!

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