CODA-4582 and external Hard drive

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I've Been Around
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Re: CODA-4582 and external Hard drive

It works only for small size USB drive like 1GB. Itdoesn'twork for bigger size drives.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: CODA-4582 and external Hard drive

This would be consistent with my experience.  I think it has to be a small drive and formatted in FAT or FAT32 but have never actually experimented with this. 


The key for me to get it to work with my third party router in bridged mode was to realize that only two ports on the back of the Hitron actually work in bridged mode.  I have the router plugged into port 1 and my basement PC plugged into port 2.  Everything else in the house needs to go through the router to work after that.

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Re: CODA-4582 and external Hard drive

@nav2004 wrote:

I recently upgraded to the Gigabit internet speed and got the new  modem. On my old modem (CGN3), I was able to plug both my hard drives and see them under the Admin -> USB Storage. I was then able to map a drive letter to them from all my computers on the home network. I was not happy that with the new router, they now have only one USB port. Regardless, I thought I will atleast use that one and this morning plugged a hard drive in that and I don't see it show up under Admin -> USB Storage. The Shared Status is enabled and still nothing. I disabled and re-enabled thinking that will get it to detect the hard drive, still nothing. The USB light  in front of  the modem does not light up either. Called Rogers tech support and he says that they don't have  a way to see anything plugged into the USB port, which I guess is a good thing as I don't want my service provider snooping its contents. But he was also not able to offer any support with regards to the light in front of the router and when then does it light up. So I am here in the forum to see if there is anything else I need to do or have to dust out my old personal ASUS router that has USB ports and plug that into Rogers modem and then get to the hard drives. I don't want to got that path if I can get the modem to work. I have already ordered a USB 3.0 hub and was hoping to use that to plug both the hard drives.


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I despise when we as Customers sit between the transporter who supplies a merchant equipment, yet does not completely bolster the majority of its usefulness. Furthermore, we can't call Hitron as they will simply say, too bad called your specialist co-op as they may have impaired it or some how altered it.

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Re: CODA-4582 and external Hard drive

hitron coda-4582 usb port NTFS Support?




Does anyone know if the Hitron coda-4582 usb port supports NTFS yet?  I could only get a small Fat32 usb key to work and documents say that only Fat32 is supported which defeats the purpose of this USB 3.0 port.