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CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I plan to stick around

I enabled the guest WiFi network on this Hitron CODA-4582 modem/router but the password security option doesn't seem to work. The guest network is always unsecured. It's that expected behaviour? My guess is no, because this page seems to suggest the guest password should work:


The password security works fine for the main WiFi network from the modem, but just not with the guest network. Thus, I have since turned off the guest network.


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Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @TBliss!


I know it's a frustrating issue. Thank you and all others experiencing this issue for your patience. At this time there's no updates available but we'll keep the community posted should anything new come to light.



Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I have the same issue. Every time after unplug the power to restart the modem, the Guest WiFi works, then few hours later when I connect to it, no need to log in, it seems connected, but no internet.
The issue was gone for about 3 weeks, but happened again this week.

I’m every disappointed at Rogers and consider it’s a such big, well known company, having this issue for years and still can’t fix it properly.

Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I plan to stick around

Hi, just wondering if the new firmware referenced in June has been provided yet?


Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Hello @garyfigueira and welcome to the Community!


You can view all pertinent information about available firmware in this post


Hope this helps :).





Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I've been here awhile

I want to ask again and make it very simple: "guest wifi" function simply does NOT work now for CODA 4582 on firmware. Workarounds are not really acceptable - "guests" are not able to dance around with multiple steps.  

Si, is it going to be fixed in the latest release 

Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I've been around

Is the firmware update available and how to update the firmware on my router/modem?

Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

I've been here awhile

If there is a way to secure the guest network, then I haven't found it as of 14 NOV 20. Any device within range can connect to the guest network without having to enter a password although the guest network was set up with a password.


Rogers - what explanation do you have for not remedying this serious risk to your customers' security more than 18 months after you were made aware of it?

Re: CODA 4582 - Guest WiFi Network Security

Hello, @Loungelife


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We appreciate you posting your concerns to the community. I know how important it is to have a secure WiFi network.


We recommend that you do not use the guest network functionality as many have reported it does not work and when it does it does not appear to work properly. If you are adamant that would like to use it please attempt a factory reset of the modem and try setting it up again.


If that does not work, you can attempt to swap out the modem but even this is not a guarantee that this functionality will work as intended.


I know this may not be the answer you were hoping to hear. 😞



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