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Streaming Apps no longer working with Rogers Ignite.

I've been here awhile

We've have Rogers Ignite internet and tv with streaming for the past 5+ years. We have the main Ignite box from Rogers in the basement and then have been using an AppleTV to access apps like CTV, Global, CityTV, etc by using the channel native app and logging in wit our Rogers credentials. 

All of a sudden, we are no longer able to access these apps and only have access to the "free" version. 

Tried contacting Rogers about the issue. One customer service person told me I could only access the channels through the Ignite app (which has not been true up until this point - and Rogers does not have an Ignite for either my Sony Smart TV, nor my AppleTV) and he proceeded to move me into the "customer care" queue where I sat on hold for over 20 mins. 

Second time I chatted back, the rep seemed much more helpful, but still wasn't able to come up with a resolution. Apparently they have some engineers looking into the issue.


Has anyone else had a similar issue lately? Seems there's a few similar ones from a year or so back, but there's no real detail on how Rogers solved the issue. Is it one of those things I need to keep contacting them about until I find the right technician? SO FRUSTRATING!




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Re: Streaming Apps no longer working with Rogers Ignite.

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Resident Expert

@Sab31, the questions that you have to ask of Rogers are:


1.     "Why is Rogers refusing to authenticate credentials provided by other systems such as Apple TV." 


2.     Is this a technical issue, or is this a permanent change in policy?  If this is a policy change, its way above the

        tech level, and I suspect that the techs would have no idea of why or when that decision was made.


I'd send a request to the moderators at @CommunityHelps to provide a reason for the problem, is this a technical issue and if so, when will it be fixed, or, is this a change in policy, forcing Rogers users to only use Rogers provided set top boxes, as in, Rogers is looking for further revenue from its customers, locking out all other types of set top boxes and online tv devices.


@CommunityHelps is the group address for the moderators here on the Rogers Forum.  When you're logged into the forum, follow this link to the @CommunityHelps page.  On that page will be a link on the right hand side to Send a Message.  Follow that link to the message composition page. The address will fill in automatically. Fill in the subject and details, including your account number and when the message is complete, hit Send Message at the bottom.


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