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Incredibly Disappointed with Customer Servicr

I've been here awhile

I called into support because i kept getting a 03117 error. The support rep was great; and suggested an upgrade on my plan to increase not only speed but bandwidth. I agreed and a new modem was sent out.

Talk about going from hero to zero in a couple of days. The tv box would not pair with the new modem. Tried everything. Called support. We went through the gauntlet of a script—unplugging plugging this and that. Boost and refresh fm their side to say after all this “it looks great fm my end. It should be working.” Nope. I reiterated many times the tv box isnt pairing with the modem. Rep would say “I know. You mentioned that already.” Then to read fm a script to unplug the tv. Hmmm. Didnt make sense but i complied. 90 minutes—yes ninety minutes to be told i would have to wait five days before technician was available. Then i asked: can i just use my old modem—cuz it worked although with a random 03117 error. “No. It is now deactivated”. I asked “there must be someway to get this working”. Rep had no response. I asked how I could reactivate it. She said “billing”. I asked to be transferred to billing and I can ask them about a credit. I was placed on hold. Same rep comes back and says $5. I was shocked. I said that is $1/day. She never put me through to billing.

I get the text message with my appt. I rebooked it and there were appt the next day. I chose between 1pm-3pm. At 3pm i get a text saying my appt was cancelled. Then dispatched called me 10 mins later asking to reschedule. For real?
I have spent over 5 hours with Rogers in the last 2-3 days. I pay Rogers. I dont get paid for waiting around with the chance of ‘maybe’ theyll show up
Or ‘maybe i will get a half decent rep who understands basic technical terms like ‘pairing’’.

I have taken it upon myself to bypass the wireless connection using an ethernet. Another novel concept—something your rep should know!

This entire experience was simply AWFUL. I told dispatch: NO. I will not reschedule. Rogers doesnt get anymore of my time. No more.

Rogers: put it in your troubleshooting manual how to resolve a RDK03117 error. It has nothing to do with the TV.



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Re: Incredibly Disappointed with Customer Servicr


Hello @SharOn88,


Thank you for joining us here on the Rogers Community Forums and we appreciate you sharing your experience. We do hope that since you have lost posted that your issue has been resolved. If you are still experiencing a problem with that specific error, we do have some steps listed on our website that you can try here. We also have the instructions listed here on how to pair the Ignite Entertainment box.


We look forward to your reply! 



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