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Ignite TV - VOIP

I've Been Here Awhile

After switching from Digital cable to Ignite I've found that my voip client no longer works (this is my work phone).


I'm assuming I need to adjust the port forwarding to fix this; does anyone have any odea which ports should be forwarded? (I tried the default port 5060, but that did not solve the issue.


Any suggestions would be welcome.)


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Re: Ignite TV - VOIP

I'm a Reliable Contributor

What voip client is it?

Re: Ignite TV - VOIP

I've Been Here Awhile

Zoiper version 5. Any call generates a "403 Forbidden" message.


If I try Bria Solo, I get one-way audio. The call will connect, but I can't hear ringing or any audio from the other end.

Re: Ignite TV - VOIP

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Zoiper was the recommended client when I started using VOIP. I seem to remember that it stopped working. This may have been around the time that I switched to Ignite. Made the switch Real Softphone on my laptop and smartphone, and it works well. Give it a try.

Re: Ignite TV - VOIP

Rogers Employee

If its a PC app then run a wireshark capture and extract the pcap to see where the soft phone is trying to go and what ports is it trying to use  to get out.. That may give you a lead on where to go next.


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