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Ignite Remote and Yamaha Amplifier

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I'm looking to control a Yamaha HTR-6160 with my Rogers Ignite Remote.  The Yamaha is in a cupboard behind a door.  The TV is connected via HDMI cable to the Yamaha HTR-6160 and the volume is controlled by the Yamaha.  I want to be able to turn on the Yamaha and control the volume while at the same time control the Channels with the Ignite Remote and even use the Talk-to feature to open a channel or netflix, etc.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.


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Re: Ignite Remote and Yamaha Amplifier

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

To control devices that are "hidden" from IR signals, you can purchase an IR extender or IR repeater.  You place the "eye" that receives the signals in the open and place the repeaters on/near the devices you wish to control.  There are many different makes/models available on the web.  


There is also a Harmony Hub option, however, I believe you still would need to use the IgniteTV remote for voice commands - not sure on that.  A Harmony remote is able to properly control many devices once properly programmed.  You could put away the IgniteTV remote unless you wished to use the voice commands.


I believe the voice commands (and other IgniteTV remote commands) use RF when properly paired, so the Ignite box functionality should work fine when using the Ignite TV remote without a repeater.



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