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Britbox and Rogers

I plan to stick around

I recieved a notification that britbox was available through Rogers and when I go to I don't see where to put the code that the notification gives me.

Am I doing something wrong?


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Re: Britbox and Rogers


Good day @gordow,


Thank you for posting to the Rogers Community! If I understand correctly, you are trying to add your Britbox membership to the corresponding streaming app on your Ignite TV. Is that right?


The easiest way to access BritBox is by saying “BritBox” into your voice remote to launch the app. If you already have a BritBox account, you can sign in using your TV or by entering a code on the BritBox website. Has the situation evolved since you originally posted?


Once you link your Rogers account and credentials, to your Britbox subscription, you can sign in to your Britbox account using the Connect Your TV button, by entering your email and password into the BritBox app, or by entering a code at


You'll then have the ability to access it directly under the Ignite TV "Apps" tab, as well.


Hope this helps!



Re: Britbox and Rogers

It's the incorrect URL on the Rogers device. Click the link in the answer to get to the correct one.

Re: Britbox and Rogers

I've been here awhile

Re: Britbox and Rogers

I see Roger’s is offering 3 months of brittbox free..what is the monthly charge?

Re: Britbox and Rogers

Hello @Traveller666 and welcome to the Community!


The BritBox subscription is $9.99/ month or $99.99/year plus applicable taxes.  


For help with the BritBox app including billing and sign-up, contact BritBox support at


I hope this helps.





Re: Britbox and Rogers

Is the BritBox subscription still $9.99 per month through Rogers?

What is the cost of an Acorn TV monthly subscription?

Are there any current Rogers promotions for BritBox or Acorn TV subscriptions?


Thank you!! 

Re: Britbox and Rogers

Hello, @RosieTO.


Thank you for joining this thread, and welcome to our Community!


I appreciate your interest in BritBox and Acorn TV. Britbox needs to be signed in directly from You can explore the Getting Started section to sign up. The monthly subscription is $9.99 plus taxes, and a yearly subscription is $99.99 plus taxes. 


As for Acorn TV, it's a stand-alone channel and can be self-served by logging into your MyRogers. The monthly subscription is $8.99/mo plus taxes. If, for any reason, you can't add this channel, we can help. 


Let us know if you have further questions. 




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