How do I get the voicemail to email me again

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How do I get the voicemail to email me again

I've had all of my Home Phone voicemail messages set to automatically email me to notify me of new voicemails. I was just fiddling around with my phone, changing some settings and I must have accidentally changed something and now I'm no longer receiving emails for new voicemails. Now everything is done via the phone.


How can I receive emails again?


I went to this page here, and it seems the feature is still enabled.







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Re: How do I get the voicemail to email me again

Here's a suggestion from the Rogers Website - turn it off and reconfigure...:


Voicemails forwarded to an email address

  1. Check that the voicemail messages are not being sent to your spam/junk/clutter folder and check for any mail rules that may place the emails into a folder other than your Inbox. Mark the messages as “not spam/junk/clutter” or remove the rule if necessary.
  2. Log into Online-Voicemail with your Home Phone number and voicemail password. Select the Voicemail Settings tab, then choose Email Address on the left menu. Make sure that the email address(es) displayed are accurate. Leave yourself a voicemail message to test and if it still doesn’t work, try the next step.
  3. Remove any email addresses by selecting Edit. Then turn the feature off by unchecking the checkbox and selecting Submit. Then, re-enter the email addresses(es), turn the feature on by checking the checkbox, select Submit and test again.
  4. If none of these steps resolved your issue, please contact Technical Support so we can help.

Did you change a setting using the phone itself, or online?