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Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Rogers launched its new Online Banking Website today.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I noticed right away.


1. There doesn't appear to be a direct link to the "My Rewards" page showing how many reward points/$ you have.  It used to be on the "My Accounts" (or landing) page.

2. You used to be able to click on a particular transaction and it would show you details of that transaction like time of transaction, foreign exchange/currency if applicable, etc.  This is not currently available.

3. I tried to send a message but all I get is a "we're sorry" pop-up and the message is not sent. 

4. All of my previous messages/service requests are currently "lost" and are not available for viewing.

5. I did an "ask Ruby" and she said:


"We launched our new Online Banking experience for our customers today.  We have come across a few temporary performance issues, but our IT teams are aware and are working on a fix." Smiley Frustrated


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Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

What is EWC?

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I'm Here A Lot

I agree.  It's still going on.  I have complained to the Rogers Bank Ombudsman.  No resolution yet.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I'm Here A Lot

Hey guys, update - at some point in November 2020, Rogers Bank fixed the incorrect positive/negatives on their ofx downloads.  I haven't reviewed the files in detail to see if anything else was fixed.


I only noticed because when I did my yearly reconciliation, some values were super low because November/December purchases were counting as credits. (In my monthly reports, I didn't notice because there were no "conflicting" transactions) 


I'm not sure if I'll just have to reverse the positive/negative on my custom import routine or if I can revert to using the standard OFX import code. Fingers crossed!

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

OK HALLELUJAH:  they've fixed the OFX (at least as far as I can tell)... I was able to use my standard import code to import the transactions.


transaction ID is there, date formats are respected, debits and credits are properly signed, account ID and institution ID are there.


Lol how many years was this?  But I'm grateful to retire the custom import routine.  Also, transaction ID will make duplicate detection possible.  Only thing missing now is "download transactions since last download" functionality, which should be possible since the transaction IDs are there now.  But I can manage without it.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Since 2021-01-20, MS Money rejects the OFX downloads saying that the file is corrupt. I have inspected the OFX file but do not see what the issue is. Is anyone else having this issue?


Also, there is another bug still in the code where they do not use the escape sequence for the & character when it appears in a payee name. It should use the escape sequence &  . For this, I just edit the file using Notepad to insert the correct escape sequence. That worked until about 2021-01-20, and now MS Money rejects the file for some other unknown reason.