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Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

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Resident Expert

Rogers launched its new Online Banking Website today.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I noticed right away.


1. There doesn't appear to be a direct link to the "My Rewards" page showing how many reward points/$ you have.  It used to be on the "My Accounts" (or landing) page.

2. You used to be able to click on a particular transaction and it would show you details of that transaction like time of transaction, foreign exchange/currency if applicable, etc.  This is not currently available.

3. I tried to send a message but all I get is a "we're sorry" pop-up and the message is not sent. 

4. All of my previous messages/service requests are currently "lost" and are not available for viewing.

5. I did an "ask Ruby" and she said:


"We launched our new Online Banking experience for our customers today.  We have come across a few temporary performance issues, but our IT teams are aware and are working on a fix." Smiley Frustrated


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Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I'm here a lot

Yes, I have sent a private message to the Rogers Mastercard people.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Hi Datalink,

Unfortunately, neither Notepad++ nor Notepad show the offending non-ASCII characters. Upon further research, I discovered that the offending characters are called a "byte order mark", or BOM. These are often used at the start of a file, or other byte stream, that is encoded with UNICODE. However a BOM should not appear in an OFX file that explicitly indicates in its header that it is encoded as USACII.

So, as indicated in my previous reply, the simplest workaround is to open the file in Notepad, the select File --> Save As. In the resulting window, there is a box at the bottom called "Encoding:". Select ANSI. You can leave the File name as is, or change it to something else if you want to preserve the original file.  Then just click on the "Save" button.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I was informed yesterday by my contact at Rogers Bank MC that this issue (encoding) has now been fixed.  I just checked by downloading and importing my current transactions into MSMoney.  It worked, without editing the encoding.  I understand that the ampersand (&) issue still exists however.  Hopefully they'll make that fix as well.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Thanks for the update. I will try it out. Please let me know when the ampersand is fixed. I think that many customers will appreciate being able to use the OFX download again with MSMoney.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I plan to stick around
I started using this app to convert .csv to .ofx - Rogers isn't the only bank with MS Money transaction support issues!

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I plan to stick around

In case anyone lands here in 2024 and searching. I resurrected MS Money as Mint was getting sunset. I had error importing Rogers OFX file and after comparing it in Notepad++ with BMO MC file, found the my case to be & in the <NAME> tag.

I basically had one like <NAME>SUN LIFE CHOICES A&A

This is recurring transaction for me for some life insurance payment and that's why each and every file was giving that error. Once I removed it, error went away and file imported.

I think & was mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but I did not catch it clearly what it meant, so writing this here.


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