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Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Rogers launched its new Online Banking Website today.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I noticed right away.


1. There doesn't appear to be a direct link to the "My Rewards" page showing how many reward points/$ you have.  It used to be on the "My Accounts" (or landing) page.

2. You used to be able to click on a particular transaction and it would show you details of that transaction like time of transaction, foreign exchange/currency if applicable, etc.  This is not currently available.

3. I tried to send a message but all I get is a "we're sorry" pop-up and the message is not sent. 

4. All of my previous messages/service requests are currently "lost" and are not available for viewing.

5. I did an "ask Ruby" and she said:


"We launched our new Online Banking experience for our customers today.  We have come across a few temporary performance issues, but our IT teams are aware and are working on a fix." Smiley Frustrated


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Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Yes. I'm having the same problem importing ofx data from Rogers Bank into MS Money. I contacted the bank and their technical people are working on it. I'm having no similar issues with other banks or credit cards, just with Rogers Bank.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

I finally discovered the issue with the OFX files: there are 3 non-ASCII characters at the start of the file that should not be there. In hex, the three characters are: EF BB BF . This was difficult to find since MS Notepad does not show these non-ASCII characters. I only found them by comparing the Rogers file a another institutions file using a the File Compare (FC) utility in windows. Rogers, please repair your OFX software to remove these 3 non-compliant characters. In the meantime, I have a workaround: open the file in Notepad, select "save as", and in the "encoding" box select "ANSI", instead of the original "UTF-8 with BOM". This removes the 3 non-ASCII characters.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Well done.  I will pass this fix on to my contact at Rogers Bank.  My understanding in talking with them is that they contract out this aspect of their business and their contractor is telling them that it's all being done according to the latest ofx standard.  Personally I find that hard to accept when there is no similar problem at other financial institutions that I deal with.

Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

My guess is that someone has gone in and monkeyed with the process, at least, with respect to the export data process and set the wrong output type. End result, the data file doesn't open when it arrives in the customers hands. 


Fwiw, Notepad++ can probably help in these types of situations:



Re: Rogers MasterCard, New Online Banking

Please tell me more about how Notepad can help.  I'm not a techie, so please be explicit.