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Hello Community!


We have some great news! You can now enjoy home internet powered by the Rogers 5G network. Get set up in minutes with seamless self-installation and work, stream, or study on Canada’s largest 5G network. Plus, enjoy great savings with 5G Home Internet and 5G Mobile plans.

This has some great features and benefits!

Effortless Self-Installation

  • Install on your own – Connect multiple devices in your home to Rogers 5G Home Internet in minutes without a technician.​
  • Real-time troubleshooting – Use the self-installation app to find the best place in your home for strong, reliable connections, plus check quality and strength of your Wi-Fi signal anytime.

Home Internet powered by Rogers 5G Network

  • 5G Powered Home Wi-Fi – Enjoy internet for your home, available on Canada’s largest 5G Network.​
  • Canada’s most reliable 5G network – Experience Rogers 5G Home Internet with Canada’s most reliable 5G network that’s been awarded Best in Test 4 years in a row.
  • Learn more about our 5G network here:
  • Check out our network map to see if your address is within our 5G coverage area: Network Coverage Map - Check 5G, 4G LTE Coverage in Your Area - Rogers

Bundle a 5G mobile plan and 5G Home Internet and save! 

  • Bundled Savings - Pair with your mobile plan and save! Head over to to see our offers.
  • $0 down –  Get the Rogers 5G Home Internet Device for $0 down on approved credit with financing and a Rogers 5G Home Internet plan ​
  • Try with confidence - Return within the first 30 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with Rogers 5G Home Internet 

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I'm here a lot

All references to the previous mobile hotspots on the website have been removed. All links that went to the mobile hotspot page have been setup to redirect to this new 5G Home Internet product. In the FAQ, it says "Because Rogers 5G Home Internet is specifically designed for ongoing home usage, you can only use it at your service address."

So, unlike the previous mobile hotspot offering, it's no longer mobile. It's doing some sort of GPS geofencing or cell locking, I guess.

Are we able to get the Nokia Fastmile device outside of the 5G home internet plans (Either financed or outright) and attach it to an upper tier Infinite plan using the $10/month "tablet" addon that was previously available for mobile hotspots? With the gobs of data being offered on the Infinite Plans now, it would make a lot of sense to add on a Nokia Fastmile device and leave it at a cottage, in an RV, in the car or just around the house as a backup internet connection. For business customers, being able to move it around to different job sites would be handy too. 

Heck, if I had the option to buy the outdoor Sercomm 5G CPE used for the rural Wireless Home Internet product, do a self-install and add it onto my Infinite plan, I'd do that too. I already have a janky outdoor LTE modem with directional antennas installed on a very rural, water-access camp property. Getting 5G access whenever the tower is upgraded would be great, but it's not worth adding a full extra $50-110/month fixed plan to my bill.


Good day @Metricmoose,


Thanks for your interest in the 5G home internet with our new Nokia Fastmile Gateway!


Currently, the only plans compatible with this device are the Rogers Home Internet 25 and 50. It would unfortunately not be functional with your $10/month tablet plan.


However, if you're an existing wireless subscriber, you can add it to your account as an additional line to your mobile account and receive a monthly discount on your newly added Rogers 5G Home Internet plan. The discount stays on as long as you meet the offer conditions.


Hope this helps!



I'm here a lot

Thanks for the reply!

That's pretty disappointing that there's now no "official" options for mobile hotspots now. Both Bell and Telus offer the Inseego MiFi X Pro 5G and ZTE 5G Turbo Hub. 

The medium-sized company I work for makes pretty extensive use of these devices through Bell at construction sites and for backup internet connections. No longer offering this class of devices is a large issue that would prevent a switch to Rogers in the future.


 Hi @Metricmoose, we're always working hard to improve our products & services and introduce features our customers want. Thank you for your feedback!




I've been here awhile

Hey guys, 

I have this service for about 45 days and working good (not great as I have 401 pretty close to my house)

Speed hit 25Mbs in morning and evenings but it crawls below 10Mbps (sometimes 1-2Mbps) between too many drivers using the phone on the HW.

Now my problem:

I decided to upgrade from 25Mbps to 50Mbps (from 50$ to 65$ I guess) and called 611.

I was told that is not possible, Rogers do not allow a plan upgrade. Then I was told to get a Speed Pass and I realized that your customer service and next level supervisory have NO CLUE!!!!!


A speed pass is designed to increase your data not to upgrade line speed, that why you do plan upgrade.

Can somebody relay this message to a Management person who understand these terms? Any upgrade brings more money to Rogers and in this particular case data allotment stays the same (500Gb) 

In case Rogers change their mind feel free to contact me to upgrade my plan 🙂


To answer somebody else question in regards Nokia FastMile, the modem is your and you can plug your tablet SIM and change the APN. The real problem is the firewall it cuts 2/3 of the speed and slows you down. Attach a good powerful router after with good, updated firewall and you can fly full speed.


Greetings @cata2ca!


Our customers service team should be well aware of the details of this particular product. If you'd like to submit a formal complaint about the service you received from the people you specifically spoke to on the day you reached out to us to upgrade, we can do that for you but we'd need to gather your account information first so that we can find the specific agents you spoke with.


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.