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wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile

I am a new Rogers customer. Went to the local store and selected the LG G5. Since I have a weak signal back home, I specifically asked about the wifi calling option. I was told I would be able to use this option if the signal is too weak as it switches automatically. I signed up online to wifi calling only to find out that this option is not available for the G5... It would be nice if Rogers informed us on their web site of the limited availablility of this option, based on cell phone type and brand... Is there any plan to have this function working on the G5 in the near future? Is there a list somewhere on the web site showing which cell phones are working with wifi calling?




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Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile
Actually, the Wi-Fi is solid both at work and home. I figure if its solid enough to stream high def Netflix at the same time its having trouble connecting, then the Wi-Fi itself should be fine.
I did try something new the last couple days. Thinking it may be an issue with having a weak network and Wi-Fi at the same time, I set my phone to airplane and turned on just Wi-Fi. Now the Wi-Fi calling seems to stay on better, but I'm not recieving texts or calls. I can send and call, but nothing incoming. I've since turned off airplane mode. Don't know if that will help you troubleshoot.

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile
Trust me it's not your WiFi that's the issue. The issue is with LG because I have 3 people in my house with different phones and everyones WiFi calling works except for mine and my girlfriend. We both have LG g5's the other people have iPhones and it works fine.

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I'm a trusted advisor
Hey guys

Just wanted to make a comment.. I was looking up some sites and seems like we aren't the only ones. Seems like users in the US and in Canada are having issues with WiFi Calling on their G5. It seems to me that it's LG causing this issue.. For what reason? LG won't actually say but I don't think it's Rogers causing this.

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile

LG G5 wifi calling solved



LG G5 update brings WiFi calling to Rogers customers, improves usability and performance:

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile
This is an old link. And hasn't solved the WiFi calling issue.
So far the WiFi calling works but is somewhat intermittent and requires frequent resets.

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been around
I confirm the presence of an issue with the LG G5 and wifi calling.

My spouse and I got 2 brand new phones with Rogers. My LG G5 and her Samsung galaxy A5 2017.

Her phone works perfectly with wifi calling. Mine doesn't. I even had it exchanged (as well as getting a new Sim card).

The LG G5 is fully updated. Network speeds are 120/20. Everything works well with my connection (Netflix, gaming, backup up on the cloud, etc.)
The wifi is plenty fast and responsive.

I have the same issue of having the wifi calling icon be displayed after a reboot, but losing it after time (a night's sleep for instance), or when leaving home and coming back.

Wi-Fi calling priority is set to wifi.

Gonna have to either change phones or cancel my new Rogers subscription. What good is a phone that doesn't send or receive calls and texts?

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been around
I have the exact same issue. My wife and I both have the LG G5 and neither of us have reliable wifi calling. Sometimes rebooting the phone will work. Toggling airplane mode works as well, albeit rarely. Rebooting my router/modem does nothing. I feel like it is somehow related to losing my cell signal because I go from having no signal to a weak and unusable signal every so often if I'm in the right spot. I use a 5g router and have strong wifi; as well I'm on a pretty fast cable connection so I would be surprised if this had anything to do with something outside the phone or the rogers network. It's infuriating to me because I'll be waiting for an important phone call and can't get connected, only to get a voicemail message a few hours later. Also sometimes texts look like they have sent but they don't go out until the next day, and much of the time when using wifi calling I'm not receiving messages on time. I'm very unhappy with this service and coconsidering switching providers as my friends using bell can get full cell service in my house while I have nothing from rogers.

Re: wifi calling on LG G5

Good evening @Bob1983 & @JCJL,


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community!


We're sorry to hear about the poor performance of the Wi-Fi Calling feature on your LG G5 and we most certainly want to help you resolve it.


In order to assist you further, I'd need to know more information:

  • Has your phone been exchanged under warranty (in the case where yours was defective)?
  • Could you elaborate on the troubleshooting measures you tried so far?

A soft reset reconnects your device to the network. To do so, press and hold the Power and Volume up keys at the same time, for about 7 seconds. Release both keys as soon as the device restarts. If this does not help, you could maybe consider a factory reset.


To optimize your device performance, be sure your cellphone is running the most recent device software.  Don't forget to take a look at OS Upgrade Schedule page for updates.


I'm hoping we can help you rectify the issue preventing you from using your phone to its fulll potential!



Re: wifi calling on LG G5

I've been here awhile

I eventually figured out I needed this feature to make my phone work (I did not know this feature existed). I would not receive 90% of all my calls and texts only at home and at work (both of where I connect via WiFi). Its almost like the phone didn't know what to do if both options were available so it would drop the network. I found some stuff on the net about this but usually people just blame the network provider. 


Now after the Nougat update, the auto focus on the camera doesn't work and only the wide angle lens works. Conveniently this occurred after my warranty expired (I have found lots of posts on this issue). 


The G5 has caused  me more grief than any other phone I've ever had. I am done with LG, which is too bad because I would really like the phone...if it worked.

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