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iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

I plan to stick around

I recently had my phone transferred from another family member's name to mine and the voicemail looks different.  When the phone was under the family member's name, my voicemail listed the numbers that called and I was able to listen to the messages without calling in.  There was a play button beside each number.  Now that ownership has changed, I get a keypad.  Is this a package thing? 




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Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

Hi RogersMaude, 


In this post, you say the feature is not discontinued but the live chat rep I spoke to told me it was no longer offered even though it is still advertised on your site. 


I am trying to pay $7 a month for a core iOS feature. Can you assist?

Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

Hey there @justingraham!


Thanks so much for your post and for being a part of our awesome community!


I believe that @RogersMaude was referring to our value packs no longer being offered, apologies for any confusion! Customers should still be able to add on our standalone Visual Voicemail feature for iPhone at $7/month (plus taxes), if they wish. This option is eligible for any postpaid customer who has a Rogers certified iPhone device with iOS4.1 or above. I hope this better clarifies things?


Please note: iPhone VVM will not work if you have the Premium Voicemail-to-Text add-on or with Second Voice Line.


You may reach out via any avenue of support to have it added to your wireless postpaid account. You may also send us a Private Message and we'll be more than happy to assist here as well. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Kind regards!


Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

Thank you Laura! I spoke with a different rep and was able to get it re-added!
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