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Mobile network reliability in Van

I've been around

I need some advice on what I should do...I moved to south surrey from calgary just over a year ago. Since then I've been patiently waiting for my contract to expire cause the service is just non existent in some areas( my basement apartment being one of them). I understand that Bell is the fastest most reliable carrier here. I'm just scared to make the wrong decision....also scared to put up with terrible service for another 2 years tho. Thanks




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Re: Mobile network reliability in Van

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I have a few suggestions. I have the same issue.

First I will guess you don't have wifi calling. When looking at future plans consider a phone and plan that supports the feature.

If you know someone on Bell see if you can invite them over and test bell in your setting.

If your current phone isn't unlocked call in and get the unlock code and instructions.

If unlocked and your friend comes over ask to try their sim in your phone and test.

Plus when unlocked you could pick up the cheapest pay as you go gor one month and a sim and pay a small price for piece of mind of knowing whether Bell will work for you.

Other option is a cellular access point but they don't come cheap.

Good luck in figuring out what to do. Let the forum know the result.


Re: Mobile network reliability in Van

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Which area of South Surrey?

I'm in Kamloops BC, but have regularly been to South Surrey, and have experience with all providers - And my experience have been that they are all pretty poor -- though Rogers in some cases has a slight edge on Telus (in South Surrey, last I checked Bell only had a few of their own towers - so)

But I've recently come to love WiFi Calling, which I have noticed a vast improvement on reliability when I'm in and around South Surrey and indoors.

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