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Cell phone Reception issues

I'm here a lot

With the recent buy out of MTS ( manitoba telecome service) to Bell is or will there be any network upgrades like extending coverage etc in the future?



Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Greetings @dswinky!


Welcome to the Community Forum. Congratulations on your first post 😊


Do you have issues making and receiving calls at your home or outside?


How far do you have to travel to get better reception? 


Have you reported this issue via MyNetwork (available in both desktop and app versions of MyRogers) that allows you to check the real-time status of our network for outages? Plus, you can provide feedback on your network experience and get updates on our upgrades in your area!





Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I've been around


We have a cabin in Turtle Mountain provincial park in Manitoba.  Where we are, there is no Rogers Service, however I can connect to Verizon and AT&T, though they are both weak signals.  I've been told by Rogers Roaming that I can continue to use these with no roaming charges.

There is a very high tower in the park close to Lake Max where we are.  I have no idea what it is used for, but I'm curious whether or not Rogers could put a cell on this tower to provide service to the park.  Who would I talk to about that?


Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Hello @fitzc,


I appreciate your interest in the Rogers Wireless service. We are always investing in our towers and network to provide better service for our customers.  Please send a PM @CommunityHelps so we can obtain some additional information from you. For more information on our Private Message system, please see this blog.


Since you've mentioned using Rogers on roaming within the country, you may want to check out our FAQs on Extended Coverage Eligibility, Usage & More.



I hope this helps :).






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