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Cannot send/receive calls and text.

I'm here a lot

Almost an hour now with no ability to recieve text or calls. Anyone else? What is rogers planning to do for customer that have been affected with this issue?



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Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

Hi Aerochyck,



Thank you for your post and Welcome to the forums!


I understand your frustration, we can definitely assist you. Just to give you an update, some customers were recently experiencing voice service interruptions. Now voice calling and text messaging service has been restored and should be functioning normally. Please try turning your device off/on again and you should be fine.



Let us know if this helps,

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

Hi there,


Been having extended periods of not being able to receive incoming calls or text since Friday.  The supposed service restore has not done anything to fix my lack of proper service.

I'll receive back logged texts in batches at best 24 hours from people that have sent them to me, one batch took 2 days to arrive on my phone from when they were sent.

I've already tried a phone reset, network reset, even pulling the sim.

Thankfully no emergencies have arised but seriously need service restored.

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

Hi @nfloro,



Thank you for your patience and Welcome to the forums! I would like to help by having a member of our @CommunityHelps team reach out to you via Private Message. Please check your inbox on the Community Forums shortly.




Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

So, my invoice is in ans no proactive discunt by rogers, thought they would offer something considering I pay them almost $400 in services a month. 


However, called and asked what discount can I recieve for being 2 days without service and my inconvenience. I was told $4.00 off my bill. LOL 


Thats rogers, cant wait to cancel all services and move on.

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

Hi @vedo7,

I understand your frustration and would like to help by having a member of our @CommunityHelps team reach out you via Private Message. Please check your inbox on the Community Forums shortly.



Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

supposed to call in .... Too funny...


This morning, I have been unable to make a call to anyone even using the phone signal booster in my vehicle. Signal bars jumping between 1 and 4. Texts take forever to send/recieve - Girlfriend is on Fido - same problem (same network)

Problems started 2 days ago with poor /dropped calls ...


Brutal, and i'm ready to Quit Rogers with the trouble i've had the past several months.


this is supposedly a technology company - an extremely basic service would be an online accecisble status page


Good to see our ever increasing billing rates are going to good things ... CEO bonuses perhaps? 😞

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.


Hello, @Karandar


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. Is the issue only happening when you are commuting? Is the network stable when you are at your residence?


Have you checked the NetworkAid yet? NetworkAid is a self-serve tool that you can access via your MyRogers app or to check for wireless outages and coverage types available at specific locations and report an issue with wireless connectivity. Please check our blog for more details. 




Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

It was happening right in my home in the middle of Edson, Ab, and also in my vehicle parked in front of my home which has a cell phone signal booster which generally gains me 2-3 bars of signal, but yesterday before switching to 2G did nothing at all with signal strength jumping between 1-4 bars - never


I use my vehicle and phone for work in the natural gas industry. It is critical that I have reliable communications.


  I had to come home mid day, log into my PC and use livechat to access support. I lost nearly 2 hours of my work day due to this problem  

 ... a ticket was created, C111282819, I ended up dropping my device to 2G which allowed me to make and recieve phone calls & texts - prior, even texts were hit and miss


We had to do the same with my girlfriends iphone 6 on Fido - same network, same towers


unfortunately, it isn't much better today on 4g/lte , with both of us at only 2-3 bars strength. I am an on call operator, and if i cannot be reached, the possible implications are not good.


playing with modes, any option that  ignores LTE seemsto offer a far stronger signal


There is a serious tower issue here for the newer faster LTE . This has been an ongoing issue here for a long time, but it's getting worse.

I generally like what Rogers offers, but if something doesn't improve the tower and connectivity reasonably soon, I am not going to have much choice but find a different provider. I could lose my job over poor cell phone service.



as a side less important note, the rogers website has been funky to access at certain times the past several weeks. terrible page load times often stalling my web browsers ... other sites are fine

... sadly poor web site performance is not unusual for all the technology sites in Canada... occasionally browsing your competitor sites offerings, It is not much better ...

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.


Hello, @Karandar


I appreciate your detailed post and thank you for your patience. Based on the ticket number, I've run diagnostics on the closest tower which is about 2.9Km from your location. At this moment, I found the network appear to be functioning normally. I do see the techs were working on the phone masts in the past 24 hours and I'm assuming the signal has improved for you. 


If you continue to have poor signal I would suggest using the "Report an Issue" feature in the NetworkAid. Our technical teams will review your feedback to identify and resolve service outages.  Your feedback will also be reviewed by our planning teams to prioritize future network enhancements. 


Thank you for understanding!


Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

I've been around

Cannot receive calls nor have call transfer to vocal box


When somebody calls me it says unregistered caller and gives a code: 6um3 but my phone data works? Whats wrong

Re: Cannot send/recei​ve calls and text.

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hello Man2,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Thanks for posting your query. I can certainly understand how that can be frustrating to deal with. I hope your issue has been resolved since posting this?


I have a few questions, so we can better assist you. Does this only happen with a particular caller? When did this first start happening? The error code you provided, it's not one I'm familiar with. Would you be able to provide a screen cap of it? Please be sure no personal info is visible if you do. Is there any problems making out going calls?


Look forward to hearing back from you!



Cannot send/receive calls and text.

Hi, is there anyone who can help me? Whenever I make a call it says "your home cellular is not authorized to make this call". I tried all the troubleshooting I can find but nothing works.

Customer service isn't responding.

Re: Cannot send/receive calls and text.

Good afternoon, @chinietodd!


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first post! Hopefully, you are doing well. 🙂


I understand you were having some difficulty with making phone calls on your cellphone. Is the issue still ongoing? If so, may I please verify if you are getting a signal on your device? How many bars do you see?


Are your text messaging, WiFi or mobile data services also not working?


I see that you recently sent us a private message as well which we have responded to. Feel free to continue troubleshooting with us via PM if you see fit and we'll do our best to help out!


Kind regards,

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