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Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

I've been here awhile

I tried to add my Apple Watch to the plan, but there is one error message showing up:

"This Apple Watch does not support Rogers cellular in this region. Apple Watch can only be used with cellular plans that are certified by your carrier, and for your region. Visit for more information about Apple Watch cellular plans."

I need some help to set up it! Thank you.



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Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue


Good day @vinificado!


Thanks for posting your Apple Watch concerns here in the Rogers community! I'm sure you are quite excited to start using your new tech! 🙂


Just to clarify, where are you currently located?  Are you attempting to activate your Apple Watch with an eligible iPhone model (6, SE or newer) that is currently subscribed to an eligible Rogers postpaid plan? A few more important things to note:


- You must have iOS 12 and watchOS 5 installed.

- You must have your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone via Bluetooth.

- You must have a MyRogers profile associated with the primary iPhone number.


Once the above criteria has been met, you should be able the follow the instructions to activate your Apple Watch. Please click here for the steps. 


I hope this helps and we look forward to your response!



Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

Hello! I'm located at Kitchener, Ontario. And my Apple Watch is Model SE.

They are paired (phone and watch) updated and I also have MyRogers account linked to my number.. that's why this situation is weird and I need some help.

Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

Hello, @vinificado.


Thank you so much for your continued patience. I appreciate you sharing your location and the watch model. 


Your wireless plan should be the Rogers Infinite or Share Everything. What happens when you open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap Cellular and then tap Set Up Cellular to get started?


If you already have a compatible plan and a watch can’t be added to your plan, then we may have to create a smartwatch plan manually. 




Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

I've been here awhile

I was told by Rogers it was the Apple Watch (SE).  Took the watch back to Apple tonight, got a new replacement and the same thing happened.  I get an error that says the Rogers Account on this phone cannot be used to add a cellular plan (I’ve got the infinite plan).  On the watch app, the “set up celluar” is greyed out so there’s no option.  I’ll be calling Rogers technical support tomorrow.  Any suggestions?   

Was there a solution to this problem? 

Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

Hi @Hanksam,


Thank you for joining the conversation here on the Rogers Community Forums! 

If you are unable to start the Apple Watch activation process because the Setup Cellular button is greyed out in the app on the iPhone, then we may need to take a further look into your account.


You mentioned you are going to be calling in. Please let us know how that goes or you can also reach out to us for further assistance. You can send us a private message to @CommunityHelps. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.



Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

I've been here awhile

I realized after further research that Rogers does not support adding a Family Member's watch to the plan.  Currently, only Telus and Bell have this option in Canada.   

Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

I've been around
I have the same issue , can someone pls help. I have spent time with rogers and Apple with no luck so far

Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

Good afternoon @Aditya1016,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues activating your Apple Watch. Have you had a chance to review the posts above?


In order to further assist you, we'd need to know the details of the issue you're experiencing, the steps you've performed so far, as well as any error message you may be seeing when it fails. 


Since the Apple Watch activation should be completed via self-serve, we hope we can guide you towards a resolution promptly. Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

I've been here awhile

 I had issues with this as well.  Tried to set up a watch for my daughter but it is greyed out. 

Re: Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) Issue

Good day @JMGS,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post. We're sorry to learn you encountered issues setting up your daughter's Apple Watch. 


Have you been able to successfully activate the additional smartwatch line since you posted?


If not, could you please share with us the steps you've gone through so far so we can identify the problem? 


In the instance where you would like us to take a deeper look into this, please send a message to @CommunityHelps so we can discuss privately and access your account. 


To know more about our private messaging system, click here.


Looking forward to your reply!



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