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Dual Sim Phone

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I have a Samsung S9 and I have Dtek 50 one is my work phone and one is my personal phone. I'd like to have a phone that allows me to combine both sim cards into one phone. Does Rogers have such a thing?

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Re: Dual Sim Phone


Good evening @Slickdaddy,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community!


I can certainly imagine how useful and convenient it could be for your two lines to be on one device.


At this time, Rogers does not support dual SIM Android phones.


The only phones that we will support for that particular feature will be iPhones with eSIM (and physical SIM).


Let us know if you have any other questions!



Re: Dual Sim Phone

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While I can;t tell you what Rogers phones will work for you, I can say that Rogers' network DOES support dual-sim, whether they say it will or not.


As I type this, I'm on a Oneplus 6 dual sim with both a Rogers and a T-mobile sim card in it, one in each tray.  Phone connects to Rogers just fine and everything works 100%.


I did not buy the phone form Rogers, I merely bought their LTE service.  Lots of options in the marketplace will support dual Sim on the Rogers network.

Re: Dual Sim Phone

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Hello @Dingtyler

Only carrier that supports it in Canada is Still Bell. No one else. Even though Apple's website updated to show other carriers such as Rogers / Telus, it doesn't support it yet. I have a Telus iPhone and Telus refuses to even say when it will support it.

Re: Dual Sim Phone

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Is there a plan to add esim to rogers.  Both my work and personal phone are with rogers and I am getting to the point where I may move one or both to get 2 lines on one phone.

@RogersMaude wrote:


At this time, you can only use a physical SIM card for your Rogers line and the eSIM can be used for another plan with another carrier.



Re: Dual Sim Phone

Hi there.
I have a question about esim for iPhone. Does Rogers starts to support it as I saw here in ? If the answer is yes , kindly provide me with details information how to activate my esim card with the actual plan that I have . Thank you.

Re: Dual Sim Phone

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@gezimcelaAppears they have announced support for Business plans

Re: Dual Sim Phone

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I use a Huawie P20 dual sim with my Rogers sim and T-Mobil sim both work with Roger network.

You just need to buy an unlock phone anywhere.


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