TV/Internet/Homephone bundle vs. Internet + Homephone

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TV/Internet/Homephone bundle vs. Internet + Homephone

Were coming to the end of a 3 year bundle and wanted to drop TV. We seriously dont watch it anymore.


We’ve been offered a new tv/inet/hphone bundle which is $4/month more than if we get unbundled internet + homephone only.


$4 doesn't sound like much but where we really are not watching tv, we’d rather have that $48 in our pocket at the end of the year. But....


The bundle price is at least locked in for 1 year. What is the likelihood that unbundled internet and Homephone will just go up in price during the year, possibly costing us more in the aggregate?




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Re: TV/Internet/Homephone bundle vs. Internet + Homephone

Good evening @BFlow,


This is a good conversation to have with the Community! You'll definitely get to hear various different opinions about cost versus value. Although we try our best to offer you a solution that not only fits your budget but also fits your needs, it really comes down to your own preference.


Just a couple of things I'd like to clarify, the bundle savings will remain on your account for the length of the offer (e.g 12 or 24 months). Most of the current bundle or individual offers are not rate protected. In the event of a price increase the core cost of  a product will go up but the discount will continue to remain on the account for the original duration (barring any service changes). 


Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns 🙂.





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Re: TV/Internet/Homephone bundle vs. Internet + Homephone

@BFlow If you are looking for cost savings, another option is to get an Internet service that best meets your needs (Fido also offers "middle tier" speeds on the Rogers network at competitive prices) and switch to a Voice-over-IP phone service.  If you have the technical skills to set it up, is a great option that works every bit as well as a conventional phone service.  There are also many other VoIP service providers that offer turnkey solutions; you order the service and they ship you a preconfigured device that you then connect to your home network.

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Re: TV/Internet/Homephone bundle vs. Internet + Homephone

I would tend to agree.
Homephone users, are growing smaller and smaller.. and it not a real focus for the companies anymore.
So the likely hood of them having any special bundles with it specifically.
(EG: the new ignite bundles.  If you look at separate just TV and internet costs separately.. it was pretty much the same as the ignite bundles.. your getting the home phone prettymuch free with them)

Internet, either from rogers/bell, or a 3rd party.. and then looking into some other phone service, might be the cheapest.
VOIP solutions generally are pretty stable now a days.  Only caveat being that if the internet goes down, so does the phone.