Billed for Several Months After Cancellation

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Billed for Several Months After Cancellation


In Dec 2018 I cancelled my Rogers services after selling a property. Rogers did not effectively cancel the service, and kept billing and only sending paper bills to the old address, so I never received them.

Rogers sent the account to a collection agency. After 9months of back and forth with Rogers, I got a call that ‘the file was processed’. I assumed that this meant they have credited the account and called off the collection agency.

This week I started getting calls from the collection agency again.

I’ve been on the phone with Rogers for an hour to try to sort this out again.

Rogers claims that they sent a cheque to my old address???

My question is who would decide that sending a cheque to a home that I don’t live in anymore for a service I cancelled 9months ago is the appropriate action to take, and then sending the file back to a collection agency is the appropriate course of action.

Every time I talk to Rogers I desperately try to get the full name of the employee I am dealing with and ask for a direct phone number so I can at least deal with one manager.

They refuse to give their names and direct numbers, so each time I call I get bounced around a bunch of times.

It seems that there is no one capable of handling this case, or able to.

I’m turned off Rogers services for life. Will never use Rogers again.





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Re: Billed for Several Months After Cancellation

Good evening @Jm43,


Welcome to the Community!


I understand how inconvenient this has been for you. Typically a Final Bill is sent out once a cancellation has been completed. As far as a refund check is concerned, the automatic refund check is mailed out to the address on file unless otherwise specified.


If you'd like us to review your account for you please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'd be happy to help you. Plus this way you'll know where to reach out to us if you had follow up questions 🙂.


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Looking forward to hearing from you.