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Still getting billed 4 months after I cancelled my services

I've been around

I cancelled my services in august. Sent all my equipment back and it was received. I was charged for services in September, October and November. I have called several times and was told to wait another week each time for the account to be reconciled. Now I’m getting calls that my account is cancelled due to non services and I will be sent to collections. It’s been 4 MONTHS!!! I don’t know what else to do, I’ve called so many times and just keep getting told to wait. How long does it take for you to close an account??? This is insane


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Re: Still getting billed 4 months after I cancelled my services

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Now that collections has been mentioned, time is of the essence. Rogers is a big company, and quite often one dept. doesn't know what another one is doing. They tell you to wait, because they are hoping that it will all work out in the end. However, once the troubled Rogers software fails to do its job, you can easily get caught in an endless loop of red tape.
Youv'e been victimized, and now need to get help from as many departments as it takes, to overcome this tangled mess.
If the community wants to reach out, you can obviously send a pm to @CommunityHelps but since this is a serious situation, you might as well start at the top, by scrolling down this page to Contact Us, and then once on the arrived next page, scroll down to "Share a Concern." From there, you can reprint what you just typed, but make it clear that you need somebody with power and the proper connections to get this problem resolved ASAP, before your Credit is damaged. This will often involve the Office of the President, but first they might try the Rogers Credit dept., or a supervisor from the billing dept.

Always assume that the Rogers software will fail a few times, regardless of how confident the agents are that it will all work out.

Yes, at some point, somebody will fix your problem, but since you should still have access to your cancelled account for up to 12 months after your cancellation date, keep logging in each month to make sure a fraudster hasn't reopened your account and added a service, thus running up a bill that a collection agency will eventually alert you to (if Rogers fails to mention it in the first place, via email).

When this is finally over, the next time anybody tells you to wait, take a deep breath, and tell them that waiting is for victims.

Keep up the good fight. 👊🆘

Re: Still getting billed 4 months after I cancelled my services

I've been around
Going through exact same thing. Cancelled in august, returned equipment. Spoke to like six different people spent hours on the phone on hold. They told the same thing every time and I keep getting billed. I was supposed to get a credit at the end of October but I just got another bill and they keep calling.

I feel like suing them for harassment at this point, I’ve never experienced anything like this!

Re: Still getting billed 4 months after I cancelled my services

Hi @KeithV,


Thank you for sharing your experience, and I do apologize to hear that it took longer to complete your request. Have you been provided with any further updates on this matter since you last posted? We can certainly take a look into your account to get to the bottom of this for you and update you with any progress.


Please feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our private messaging system works, please check out our blog.



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