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Rogers keeps billing me after I cancelled my service.

I've been around

I cancelled all three Rogers service on August 31, and returned all equipment to them on August 28. Rogers continued to bill me for September and October services and emailed me that I owed them over $700 for equipment not returned . I phoned four times in September and early October, everytime I was told that I had cancelled the services and returned the equipment to them and the adjustement would be posted in my next bill. I called them last Thursday as I saw that I still had money owing, and the agent told me that she saw my cancellation also she verified the Canada Post tracking number for the returned equipment.  She confirmed that I did not owe Rogers any money. On Friday I received an email from Rogers stating that I still owed them September and October service charges. I am running out of patience for this non-sense.


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Re: Rogers keeps billing me after I cancelled my service.


Hello, @Henrychan.


Welcome to our Community; it's disappointing that the returned equipment is still showing up on your account. 


Did you return the equipment with the Waybill received in your email after cancelling the account? If the account-specific Waybill was not used, tracking the returned equipment may take a while. Was there a ticket created for you to track your returned equipment? 


Let us know, and we can follow up on the ticket and keep you updated until the return equipment has been scanned out of your account. 


I appreciate your patience. 




Re: Rogers keeps billing me after I cancelled my service.

I've been around
I am having similar issues right now. Were you able to solve this issue?
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