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Roaming Charges

I've been around

I am outside Canada and remove my Rogers sim card and replaced it with local sim card, but i was still charge $15 per day. Rogers notified me thru email




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Re: Roaming Charges

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Ceasar112 : How many days were you charged? If only one day, or however many days you had the phone "on" before you put in the new SIM, then the charges would come as soon as your phone connected to a foreign cell tower.  See the link below on how to avoid roaming charges:


The fact that Rogers knew you were roaming indicates that the phone made contact with a foreign cell tower with the Rogers SIM still installed.  Usually Rogers also sends a text to the phone saying you are roaming.  I get the text as soon as I cross the border into the US for example, but I have a Pre-paid service, so I only pay per use.

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