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Rogers changing personal imfo...

I'm here a lot

Why did you change my legal name and my DOB? This was done internally by Rogers. Why.
This week I got a notice of default. How interesting. Does not show on my current invoice or online.
Can't get to speak to any responsible person in Rogers. So far 80 hrs on calls and emails since August. This all started with the home phone offer. My advise dont use it. Today anothe text from collections..same person I spoke to. She also confirmed she cant get through to Rogers. So a communication was sent today by me to support. I wonder will it be read or even taken seriously and passed to senior management.
So watch your bills and personal details. Im waiting for a response from the Ont privacy officer. I have spent 80 hrs since August trying to get services that I pay for. Trying to make calls or get answers is just unacceptable to hold for hours.
Does anyone have anyway of getting through to Rogers. I have tried many depts listrd here and still I chase the elusive CS personnel. I need a supervisor. I need access to the office of the president. FYI. With ongoing issues we can go to CTRC with their form completed supported by your documentation. However I wish an audit would be completed that addresses the failures that impact on us the Customer who is paying for fair service. 
I try to support Canadian enterprises but Rogers must provide the services they offer as quality services.


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Re: Rogers changing personal imfo...

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Quinny wrote: I need access to the office of the president.


Use the following link to "share a concern". This is the office of the president. They usually get back to you in a couple of days.


Please try to be clear and concise on the issue you have.

Re: Rogers changing personal imfo...

I plan to stick around

Sorry but that's not true. Based on my current experience which is still ongoing, I initially tried to reach the Office of the President (OOP) back in October 2023. They didn't contact me until January 6, 2024, after 10 pm at night, which was AFTER  over 44 hours of stress and time wasted trying to reach the OOP.  That person from the OOP abandoned the case despite acknowledging the mess created by Rogers and his promises to resolve the account issues created by Rogers before closing the case.  My follow up emails and voicemails left for that person and other people from the OOP went unanswered until March 12, 2024 at 8:18 pm at night.  That person promised to call me back once she had a chance to review all of the notes on the case and account. To date, that person from the OOP  has not called back as promised, despite numerous voicemails left directly for her, and several emails requesting a call back as promised.


Sorry, but if I'm experiencing this situation, then that's what people can expect from Rogers OOP. 

Re: Rogers changing personal imfo...

Greetings @EDfedupcustomer 👋


I'm saddened to hear what transpired. I can assure you this is most definitely not the type of experience we want you to be having. Have you been able to connect with our Office of The President since you last posted? Generally, if there has been an advisor assigned to your case, the communication is returned within 72 business hours.


Looking forward to hearing from you,



Re: Rogers changing personal imfo...

I plan to stick around
Hello Rogers Jo - thanks for Your reply unfortunately, the answer is no despite numerous emails and voicemails asking for a callback. meantime I get email and text messages from ROGERS threatening to suspend or cancel services and billing charging penalties. I’ve tried calling the office of the president to try to connect with an alternative person as I have dealt with the office of the president in the past and I left messages for that person and that person has never called back either. The office of the president receives all emails and filters them to the appropriate people yet no one has addressed any of the emails so I’m not sure how ROGERS can say they value their customers because based on my experience.

Re: Rogers changing personal imfo...

Hi there,


Thank you for your reply! We appreciate you are taking the time to bring this up to our attention.


We'd be happy to take a deeper look into thisl, if your concerns have yet to be addressed.


To do so, we'll need access to your account. Please send a message to @CommunityHelps if you require further assistance. 


To learn how to send a private message, click here. Thanks!



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