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Rogers Win Back- Complete Scam and Total Waste

I've Been Around

Switched back to Rogers after enjoying a happy 3 years at Telus with no issue as the Rogers Win Back Team offered me a great deal.

When the "preview" of the bill arrived - EVERYTHING WAS WRONG.  The total amount charged, no watch data included, etc. I called Rogers promptly, reported the inconsistencies, and the service agent said someone would call me back in the next few business days to resolve the issue.  Weeks later I receive the first bill for more than 6x the amount quoted, with no rebates, and still no one can figure out how to add my watch to the plan, which was supposed to be done immediately.  Terrible service.  Not worth saving a few dollars a month.


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Re: Rogers Win Back- Complete Scam and Total Waste


Hello @VCorrigan,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Our aim is to always provide a best in class experience, I can see that your experience hasn't been reflective of that. We don't usually have access to the offers presented by the Winback team, looks like my colleague had requested a call back from the appropriate team.


Since we do not have the same offers as the said team, we can explore alternate options to address the billing concerns. Please send us a PM @CommunityHelps for further assistance. Click here to learn more about our private messaging system. 






Re: Rogers Win Back- Complete Scam and Total Waste

I've Been Around
We just recently switched back to rogers from Telus after getting a call from rogers/fido for their winback promo. I was convinced to get the $40 for 20GB per month. And so I got 2 lines (for me and my partner). And then when I register for my rogers account, I saw that the cost per line was $80 per line, so I immediately called the customer support to clear things out, and the guy I talked with clearly said that It is $40 per line and that If rogers will bill me $80, all I have to do is dispute,. I called again and it seems that the billing isn’t aware of the promo. Total inefficient way of billing, i even reiterated that to put a note in my account that it should be $40. Why would a customer spend patience and time dealing with a dispute if you can correct it before the billing. Is it a tactic that if you are not aware of it,you will just pay as is? I will definitely not pay an amount not fair and correct. Will probably look for another network after this.!

Re: Rogers Win Back- Complete Scam and Total Waste

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@RicM: The agent's notes beforehand, to keep the billing system from messing up, don't always work ... In fact, it can be hard for the next agent you speak to, to even find the notes (for various reasons), unless perhaps you tell them the ticket/reference number.

Another oddity with billing, occurs when you call Rogers to add or subtract channels from your current plan. If you have a special offer for let's say one free month of a movie channel, the agent must first remove the special offer, add or subtract your channels, and then put your special offer back. However, if they don't put it back, you'll get overcharged, and need to contact Rogers to fix it. Unfortunately, sometimes the offer you had removed can't be found, or the Rogers billing software will keep rejecting the attempted fix. When that happens, the agent can sometimes find a similar, or better offer that the software accepts. If all that fails, and the next bill is still wrong, another call often gets it fixed, and the error gets credited to your account. I was able to get the first stage of this type of promo error fixed without having to contact @CommunityHelps (as mentioned earlier in the thread, but you could always try that method ... Or if you'd rather have your more complicated issue resolved with less heavy lifting, I would recommend using the "Share a Concern" method. Simply scroll down any page to "Contact Us" and then scroll down to "Share a Concern."

Once there, you can select how you want to be contacted, and see if you can get an Office of the President agent to contact you (they have more power and if something goes wrong with your next bill, it should be easier to get the problem solved faster.

You could also call Telus and find out if they will match or best the Rogers Winback offer, just in case Rogers fails to satisfy you.

Good luck, and perhaps an Office of the Prez agent will add a bonus to sweeten your Winback offer.🍧🍦🍮🍭

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