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Rogers MVNO, Phonebox: Porting out to Rogers

I'm a reliable contributor

Apparently with Phonebox, the porting out (to Rogers) process is not typical.


As a Phonebox customer, we need to do an Ownership Transfer first.  There are multiple steps involved. 


Could someone from Rogers chime in and explain how the process works? It's futile to try to get Phonebox to explain. 


In particular, PB insists the customer contact Rogers.


These are the steps:

  1. Contact PhoneBox to request and begin the port-out process.
  2. PhoneBox leaves an authorization note on the account that allows you to take over the phone number to open a new individual account. It may take up to 1-2 business days to send out an interaction ID (reference number) by email. The transfer process is not available during weekends
  3. After the interaction ID is sent, you can transfer your phone number. Please provide the ID to Rogers to finish the process.
  4. Please contact PhoneBox to close your account once you complete the transfer.

I'm confused with step 2.

Anyone who wishes to port (transfer their phone number) to Rogers will already have an existing Rogers account. 


Is PB saying that [another] Rogers account must be created? And then I infer that I need to speak to a Rogers rep to initiate the port. I can't use the My Rogers account portal to transfer phone number to Rogers?


I'm hoping to get clarification on this since PB is not helpful at all. 


Re: Rogers MVNO, Phonebox: Porting out to Rogers


Good day @Hmm ,


Thanks so much for your post on this topic! We typically treat all port-in requests the same, here at Rogers. It's hard for us to speak on how port-out requests are handled by other providers, so unfortunately, you would need to discuss their process directly with them to get further clarification.

As for how we go about completing a port-in request for a customer who is coming from another provider, we would set them up with a Rogers account first (if one doesn't already exist) and then we would request the following details from the customer when submitting the port-in request:

- Old Service Provider Name (as listed on your bills)

- Old Service Provider Account Number

- IMEI # of device being used with Old Service Provider

- PIN (if applicable)


Although, only a minimum of one piece of OSP information is needed for the transfer, providing more details allows for higher chances of a successful transfer.

Once the other service provider receive our request, they will either accept or decline the request at their end. If all goes well, the port request may be completed in as little as a few hours and you should receive a confirmation text from Rogers once complete.


I hope this info is helpful! 🙂





Update: @Hmm , when you're with an MVNO such as PhoneBox, the port in process varies depending on the underlying carrier. If the underlying carrier is Rogers then yes, we will treat the transfer as a Transfer of Responsibility because the number already exists in the Rogers system. Since the account is not currently in your name, we would have to create a brand new Rogers account with your name and credit info and then move the number over. Same reason why you cannot complete this transfer within your MyRogers profile. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. - RogersZia

Re: Rogers MVNO, Phonebox: Porting out to Rogers

I'm a reliable contributor



Hi, it is not relevant to Phonebox which is the only MVNO in Canada as far as I'm aware. 


I'm referring to MVNO and Rogers. Specifically, Phonebox which is a Rogers reseller. 


The process with dealing with Phonebox and porting (out) of Phonebox and Porting (in) to Rogers as much more complex.  For starters it includes TOR (Transfer of Responsibility). 


It would be helpful if you can provide your (Rogers) instructions on what the process is in such situations (from Rogers' perspective) utilizing the TOR. 

Re: Rogers MVNO, Phonebox: Porting out to Rogers

I'm a reliable contributor

As an update. Porting over to Rogers from Phonebox is nothing short of a nightmare, and even impossible in some cases. 


I tried to port from Phonebox to my migrated Shaw/Rogers account.


I was not able to do so. Besides, PB doesn't tell you that you’re dinged $60 by Rogers to complete the TOR (Transfer of Ownership). 


My spouse hasn't been using much data with Phonebox but I had an extra free mobile line with Shaw that I kept in reserve. I should've forked over a $10 or $20 for the SIM for additional (free) lines back in the day with Shaw to get more than one line. Now, it's coming back to bite me.

I did what I was told: port over all my numbers from Shaw to Rogers. Then I wanted to port my spouse's Phonebox line to Rogers (an existing account and override the Rogers (temp) number. 


I was informed after almost two hours that I can't port from Rogers Commercial/Business to a consumer plan and expect to keep my Phonebox number associated with it. I have to first port to another (non-Rogers) provider such as Koodo, Telus, Bell. Even Fido will work despite it belonging to the Rogers family. But not Rogers-to-Rogers (SIM).

What I should've done was to port from Phonebox, to Shaw, then Shaw to Rogers. Now, I have to get a prepaid from Koodo and do the same process to ensure I keep the Phonebox number and to have it ported to Rogers to replace the existing Shaw/Rogers number.

While I can understand the limitations to some extent in porting (internally) the TOR fee is outrageous and a major hassle to use a workaround. It's like porting over to another provider so you have the loyalty or winback team call you back with exclusive (outbound) offers.




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